Foot Dive Spammers ... Anti-Strategies?

I am not a Doom player, but his fancy shoes are the bane of my existence! Can anyone help me and my fellow gamers with strategies to counter/nullify Foot Dive spammers? Thus far, all I’ve got is to block high and adjust after the initial hit in case of High/Low mix ups. Iron Fist’s dp+AA super seems pretty effective in punishing Doom’s Foot Dive. My compatriots and I can’t be the only ones that have to deal with daily Foot Dive spammers. Surely there MUST be some exploitable weakness that I’m not using. Any other suggestions would be very greatly appreciated! Thanks, comrades!

Right now, the teams are:
RR/Iron Fist/Magneto
Deadpool/Spider-Man/Captain America

Blocking foot dive whilst standing reduces your chances of getting crossed up and hit in the neck by it.

Other than that all I can say is dont go anywhere underneath doom. Also if you do block S footdive and they dont dash cancel it, its a free punish.

Xfgcancels work very well if you just wanna kill doom. Certain short characters crouching puts doom below the dash height making it unsafe.

play zero

Thanks! Is there anything I can do to punish it on block? Usually they either do MM in air or dash down to do a low string into launcher. Sometimes I try to do Dr. Strange’s qcf+AA super before the Foot Dive hits, but it’s just so fast!

I’m not sure what xfgcancel is. Can you please explain?

If you are playing Ryu, then try Hadou Shoryu. It’s inv. through it and you can smack him skyward

Hadou Shoryuken is pretty awesome! I’ll try that next time. Keep 'em coming, guys! I’d like this guy’s Foot Dive to end up in his mouth.

Xfactor guard cancel, you block and then xfactor to act immediately.