Foot,FootDive help

So i’m having trouble dash cancelling the S foot dive in some situations. Mostly, by itself. For what every reason, i can ":f: :h: , :s: add " all day. but with just a single :s:, it just always seems to go through the full animation. ive tried earlier, ive tried later, but cant seem to get it.

secondly, im not sure how to set up mid screen “foot,foot dive” combos, the :s: always whiffs because the angle.

Hmm…what else…I think thats it.

Thanks in advance.

corner: mash on air dash down after s footdive while whiffing medium
mid screen: once you launch, immediately do air medium all hits then another air medium all hits then do heavy footdive 6c followed by the s footdive. From there, you want to air dash down forward while whiffing air medium, allowing you to fall faster. Then you’re going to want to tridash over to the opponent and use standing h to otg.

I’m struggling with getting the otg I might not be doing the air wiffing medium wrong or the tridash. they always roll out before I get there.

it takes a lot of practice. You want to air dash down forward while whiffing then immediately tri dash over.

If you jump :s: from too low to the ground, you will not be able to dash cancel it. There is a minimum height requirement. Maybe that’s what’s happening?

As far as the mid screen Clockwork combo goes, I learned it in 5 mins. It’s not that hard if you can already do the corner loop. After your ground string into :s: launcher, what you do is after the super jump you do air :m: (two hits) delay for a split second and then jump :m: again (one hit). This will put you high enough so the :f:+:h:,:s: will connect. Then you mash ADDF, land, then quickly jump up forward, ADDF, hit :h:,:s: again and repeat.

I don’t think im getting the addf m wiff mid screen. I know im getting it when I do the loop in the corner cause of how much faster I land even so I can’t tri-jump and get the s.h even when im in the corner. =\

Edit: I’m just gonna keep at it. I’ll get it eventually.

After there air S just mash ADDF. What will happen is you will ADDF, when you will do a normal which will make you land faster.

Don’t mash the ADDF just hit it once right after the S connects, then mash M to hit it as fast as possible. Mashing really messes up your inputs if you do it in the wrong places.

I dunno dude, I mash that shit pretty hard and it works lol. Really though, I mash :l: + :m: while I’m ADDFing which actually gets me just the air :m: like you are saying. I mash until right before I land. That is what works for me, but definitely that do what works for you.

I’ve got a question I would like to ask, though it isn’t really related to Doom’s BnB here.

Anyway, how do I deal with a guy who spams footdives (I’m talking about UMvC3 here). I usually have Wesker or Taskmaster on one of my three teams, and though I know I can do a Rhino Charge/Aegis Counter for the footdives, I can only do so when the opponent is out of meter and out of x-factor. Other than that, I don’t know how to deal with his footdive except to just dash away from him.

thanks for all the help guys, i got it. how many loops should you do before you end it? and how should you end it?

I assume you mean the new super dive. Watch what he does after blocking footdive. If he bounces up and falls gently to the floor, Doom cannot block at that point or cancel into anything. Doom can cancel into specials, dashes, and flys but if he misses the small input window he should die. Also none of the things he can cancel into are strictly safe, though the blockstun on the dive may make it so.

with wesker, just shoot when he’s low enough or call assist + teleport. Gun generally beats the startup of anything doom can do, so you can play really lame and just shoot all day

how does air M make him fall faster?

It’s the combination of the ADDF and the whiffing M that makes him fall quicker.

His airdashes have deceleration at the end, so canceling into a normal makes him fall instead of decelerating.