Foot stomps on the head killing me in corner

I usually play Ken and a Chun friend of mine will occassionally corner me and head stomp me over and over in the corner. I have tried to DP out of it, but the timing is very difficult for me. If I continually block, he just lands and throws me. I try dashing out from under it, but I get “caught” on Chun’s sprite, and can’t make it out. When I do, I usually do a standing FP, but I am sure I could do more. What can ken do to get out of Chun’s head stomp in the corner?

Walk out of the corner.


Seriously, come on now. The first time I had that done to me I figured it out pretty quickly. It’s not exactly hard. Like Stuart said, just walk out. Then she’s in the corner, and you’re set to rape her hard.

switch to Q

parry super duh

Hmm… do you take damage as you walk out? And if not, then why doesn’t dashing out work? Any explanations? Dashing gets you “caught” if she is right above you. Seems like an interesting game mechanic.

what you talkin about? that’s chun’s infinite. you can’t get outta that shit.

btw its banned in tournaments

tell your friend he’s a cheapass. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dash IMMEDIATELY after the point where the stomp hits you. That gives you PLENTY of time. Or if your timing is real bad just hold forward as she’s hitting you and you can walk out. Or even get tricky with it and duck down as she’s doing another stomp so you become smaller then immediately do LP dragon punch before the stomp hits you.

Just do LP dragon punch if everything else isn’t working. The worst that’ll happen is that you trade and you may even be able to do another LP dragon punch before she falls down for more damage. You take 3 points of damage she takes like 30-40. I say that’s a good trade.

I Think On The Ninth Time He /she Bounces Away From U So Just Parry Realy.

I hope this is /sarcasm.

Cause other wise…you = the lose.


Great advice everyone, thanks.

Sa2 :slight_smile: