Footage from London Events 26th Feb onwards

Footage taken from players testing out the latest build of the game at Shadowloo Showdown EU Qualifiers 26th Feb.
Please keep in mind it was recorded on a handheld and some of the players are not Highly skilled and also the game is not out yet. There is some good technology and gives a good look at a variety of the cast.

Ken/Abel vs Bison/Kuma … aDlLiEhgNu

Guile/Hwoarang vs Guile/Ryu … aDlLiEhgNu

Heihachi/Yuri vs Julia/Rolento (Titled wrong as Bison) … aDlLiEhgNu

Ryu/Rufus vs Bison/Akuma … aDlLiEhgNu

Poison/Sagat vs Paul/Law … aDlLiEhgNu

More is being uploaded throughout the day and there will be more fresh footage from the 29th February London event. IF you are going let me know who you are and i will record you if you request.

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