Footage of Top 10 BP Blanka in Japan

Is there any footage of the top10 BP Blanka in the Japanese arcades (Taku@ratio4)? The guy has the least amount of total games played out of the top players, so that means he is beating top level people to maximize his point increase per game, and he has an 80% win rate to boot!

I’d be interested in seeing his setups and how he does so well with a nerfed Blanka in AE. Are there any videos of him?

Was this the blanka on the front page the other day? That was the best blanka I ever saw. Guy was mad point on not letting anything not get punished. Whiffs from 2/3rds the screen? sweep. You jumped? Upball. Only blanka to ever impress me.

Me too i really want to watch this Blanka, maybe we have a new Mizoteru ? But no videos… :frowning:

Where was he on the front page - Can I get a link? Is he more defensive or offense style?

Hey whatever you guys do, just please don’t post a link cuz that would make too much sense…

It wasn’t that exciting. Just 1 match. I’d like to see a lot more.


Maybe I was mistaken. I couldn’t find the guy your talking about.


Mike Ross:

I posted a very old match of him before from a vanilla NSB and it wasn’t very impressive. he played in this acho 5 on 5 thats on their channel(search for Kiwami), he’s on Michael Tan’s team, but I don’t think he played a single match.

Haven’t really seen many good blankas since AE came out. Chari is the only one who i’ll believe in, but i havent’ seen one of his games yet.

that “taku” Blanka is currently ranked #12 overall in PP in japan (standings updated yesterday) which i find hard to believe. How much technology could he possibly have!?

a lot of Shizuoka Saikyo & Taku.

Taku is really strange…

oh damn I guess I missed him. Group effort!

watching him now, he isn’t that weird, he’s all frame traps and gimmicks. If you frame trap people enough to make them scared to hit buttons gimmicks get better.

regardless, he has good spacing/execution, so it helps somewhat.

The grey Blanka in the purple Gi is one of the original Grandmaster Blankas - Shizuoka Saikyo. He played uncharacteristically lame in those Hakan matches.

Great find with the Taku vid.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from his play, was probably expecting more of a T SRAI like combo machine, but he seems a lot more FAX Gimoto like, who I considered the best Blanka before. Solid execution, setups, and footsies, but what really seems to set him apart is his yomi. He does a bunch of unsafe shenanigans, but is successful at it because his prediction is top notch. And let’s face it, Blanka is a shenanigan character at his core, so it isn’t surprising. He was also pretty clutch in matches he was losing. Unfortunately, no crazy new Blanka tech from the vids :frowning:

That Ken he beat with U2 must have panicked though. That’s an easy punish for Ken. Just jump and do step-kick. Dunno why he went for the SRK.