Footballers tweet could be damaging to his career?

Just read this and I think it’s quite funny.

He tweeted he reckons the Illuminati were behind 9/11, I don’t care about but it’s the fact it had to be deleted so quick and that Liverpool FC are launching a full investigation and that “the matter will be taken very seriously.”

Like wtf, there’s been a million and one conspiracies about 9/11 and he probably saw the program on Nat Geo that night which practically proved 9/11 was an inside job, but the moment the Illuminati is mentioned it turns into an insanely serious matter lol. I think it will be kind of sad if anything happens to his football career, he looks to be quite a promising kid. He wasn’t really hurting anyone or being offensive to anyone for that matter, no harassment from what I can see, so why all the fuss?

The BBC had a special on 9/11?

Freedom of speech is only an American thing, we’ve been over this three times this week.

Stop being stupid SRK.

I’m sorry, I was thinking of something else. It was on National Geographic…however there has been a program on BBC like 4 years ago which I doubt they’ll ever repeat.

this is impossible

ooooooooh when you said football, I thought you meant REAL football…

footballers should have given that away.

9/11 was an inside job???


He is in europe, we also have freedom of expression.

Not too quick are ya?

He just defeated himself, that’s a new one.

Im tired of all this Illuminati and shyt… I’ve even heard it as like a conversation piece…
its fuckin annoying, stupid, and can’t wait for the history channel specials to pop up about this… (if they haven’t already)

This dude is a fuckin 20yr old tool
Where the fuck was your Hipster Illuminati logic when you were 12 years old you fucking twat?
And his ass is owned by an American franchise, I hope they don’t hold back.
That statement wasn’t rebellious or intelligent.

its a fuckin excuse to let people state their opinion under a false umbrella

The Illuminati does not approve of this thread.