Footises guide..

In case some of you havent seen this great helpful guide:

There’s already a thread about the guide here

I would’ve guessed it to be more simple.

Walk forward and then when they have a chance to use a range move swap to down back and walk forward if your chasing them.

Take a step back based on sweep or poke distance or if you predict they are not the type to do anything, rush in for a grab even if you fake it with motions of a fireball or something.

Not like there is side stepping or anything, dunno, depends I guess. In a same way would be how to use parry instead of light punch jabs for the just in case and if its within range it works.

Maybe it’s just me but you sound more like a faking turtle rather then a footsie style. I always thought footsies had a little more depth then getting them to throw a move out of range, block, then counterattack. (which is what it sounds like what you are getting at).

Footsies is more about tempo and spacing control to me at least. I normally try to make the opponent try to do what I want them to do by making other movements more difficult.

For example if he expects me to jump so he can uppercut me I never leave the ground, keep at midrange and poke him to death. Guys who want to mixup at close range I might take to the air and limit the range he can attack me by controlling the air. People who work at a frantic pace I might use more fireballs to slow the pace down to a crawl. Slow fighters I use mixups at close range to speed up the tempo. It goes on and on with matchups.

I agree with InTheBlueLight, I thought footsies was pretty simple.

haven’t read any of this shit yet though, maybe I’ll find something worthwhile

edit: eh… so far, it’s worthwhile in that it can actually verbalize some of the things we do when we play footsies

edit 2: just finished. it gets straight to the point and even has videos to back up what they’re saying. nice

Maj >> posters in this thread

to be fair its understandable that the sf4 generation wouldn’t get it since that game features probably the weakest footsies of any sf. of course theyre still there but on other hand, rufus.

^truth… footsies aren’t really a core aspect of SF4… but they are there… it’s more like special attack footsies and the oldskool paper rock scissors concept…

k, just wondering… did anyone learn anything new from this?

What’s a Footises?

you mean footsies. don’t get upset bro.
i don’t think the word footsies even exist. so, you can’t really misspell a word that’s not officially a word.

Seems kind of pointless to argue about the meaning of footsies. Its just a term to describe an important skillset. Whether or not the concept Maj describes as footsies fits into your definition, doesn’t make it less important.