Footsies, dps and gates

If there was a discussion on this already please redirect me to it and close this thread.

Alright so Im trying playing cvs2 which in this game and others such as Alpha3 there is a lot of combos like : c. lk, c. lk,…My problem is when trying to end this chain with a dragon punch. Especially when doing the combo from a cross up or already crouching. Sometimes I would do,, and a fireball motion but end up with a dp or sometimes vice-versa, or sometimes a supermove(wasting meter). Like with Sakura, I would be trying to do the footies combo and end up doing a super at the end when I didnt want to.
Another problem is when playing A-groove(Sakura) I can do the shosho when Im on the left side, but always mess up when Im on the right. It seems that continous dp motions are a big problem for me on that side.

Heres where the tech question comes into play…Initially I play with a MAS style joystick (P360 and competition joystick). Currently I started playing with a Jap style joystick (US T5 Hori Anniv…). I plan to replace the stock hori in the T5 with a JLF but I just wanted to get the Jap feel.

Ok now!
I’m thinking besides just practicing(which I have been doing religiously), would an octogonal gate help my performance as opposed to the square gate on the hori stick, or the round one on the P360? Has anyone has simialr problems and switched the gates…or can anyone recommend any tricks to getting the right move to come out when performing these footsie combos.

well of course youre gonna have to practice on what you have for now. but when i was big into cvs2 i couldnt do her CC worth shit so i practiced on all my friends sticks before i got my own. the octagonal gate helped me cuz i could feel out the corners better than the square and circle since i seem to have a problem of going from forward to back (or down back) instead of forward to down when i use the other two gates. i cant say i can do her CC no problem now but i can sure as hell do it better than with the other two.

For me I can do the Sakura and Bison CCs great on a square gate because the down/forward notch really helps. On a Competition I can get 2 or 3 DP motions out then end up doing a super. But I can also do the CCs fine on a Fanta which is also completely circular.

There is no “correct” stick to use for anything. It’s basically just practice and preference. If you’re going to get a JLF anyway spend the extra $5 and get the octagonal restrictor to see how you like it. If you don’t I’m sure someone on here would be willing to buy it from you.