Footsies help (more SSF4-specific)


Hi all,

I’m here asking for help on how to improve my footsies game. I’m mediocre at SSF4. I can land combos and do some links here and there, but I feel my footsies game is severely lacking, and I often find myself either jumping in, doing unsafe moves or just sitting back, waiting for an opening. In other words, my offense sucks, big time, and I assume this is because of my crappy (or rather, non-existant) footsies. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.



learn your normals and the normals of all the characters in the game. It will help you decided how to counterpoke and also what buttons to use in certain situations.


Which characters do you play?


yes, the character you play makes a big difference. not every character has equal tools in footsies and has different ways to crack open the enemy on offense.


Footsies starts with anti-airs. If you can’t stop someone from jumping there’s no point in trying to play footsies because they’ll just jump at you.

I did a little online stalking and you said your main was Cammy and alt was Akuma. Cammy and Akuma both have great DPs and Akuma has cr.hp also.

For Cammy, option select mk spiral arrow is good, as is and Cammy isn’t that great at footsies though. She has lots of tools, but they’re not safe.

Akuma has gdlk footsies with air fireball,,, a good focus attack, etc.

Footsies revolves around a few concepts. First of all, whiff punishing. Lots of good pokes also have hurtboxes that you can punish on whiff. Predicting or reacting to these pokes and counter-poking artificially increases the damage you ‘own.’ With Akuma landing a sweep gives you a free mixup.

Second, the corner is bad. The corner is very bad. You do not want to be in the corner, and you want your opponent in the corner. On the other hand, walking backwards in footsies is good. If you walk backwards and your opponent walks forwards you can suddenly do a move to hit them, but if they do a max-range move it will whiff.

Third, different ranges in different matchups are good for specific characters. Zangief wants to get in on that ass all day, but Dhalsim wants to keep you full screen. Ryu wants you close enough so that you can’t jump fireballs on reaction but far enough so he can abuse max range But then when he plays against Dhalsim he has to get close to abuse his since Dhalsim can just s.hp at that original range. In order to get close Ryu wants to be at a specific range where if he jumps Dhalsim’s anti-air,, will whiff if Ryu doesn’t do a move. So if he’s too close it’s actually really hard for him to get any closer because jumping is terrible and he still can’t reach Sim.

For Cammy if your offense sucks that’s not a matter of footsies. Learn how to make a left/right mixup off of both throws (better yet, learn the unblockables) and especially how to do a left/right mixup off quick standed spiral arrow. Learn lots of setups that are automatic after specific combos. You don’t have to do them every time, but they are helpful.


All in all, it just takes a long ass time. Though I got pretty good with footies in 3D games anywhere from DOA4 to Transformers War for Cybertron and footies in 2D is a cake walk, well less of since you walk only forward and back.

Footies is spacing, you space and move to where you want to be, because of this I’m able to grab a lot without tapping first like many losers or simply be in the right area to not get hit without having to block and often able to poke at the other person beating their poke.


^^^ what BitterSweet said. Playing shooters sometimes helps, it’s all about where you position yourself on the map and when you are compared to the enemy to get the most amount of kills (but I’ll stop talking about shooter. Fighting game lovers seem to hate shooters :L). When you play SF you’ll realise after a while, you’ll be able to move in and out of the opponent’s zoning baiting moves creating an opportunity for yourself.


Get off of SRK and play the game more…

Footsies can’t be taught or read about… if you wanted some kind of easy answer then sorry to tell you there isn’t one…

Only thing that reading about does is make you appreciate it but that is just about it imo…