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I have the general idea with footsies but im just getting smashed left right and centre. This is most evident in mirror matches where i try things that seem to make sense but just get beaten by anything the opponent throws out…

As such my ryu has developed into a very gimmick heavy playstyle, which at my first big tournament the other day didnt go too well.

Does anyone have a set formula they follow?


in xbox live There are many opponents using the best ryu




Not if they counterpick and choose to play on PSN, duhhhh.


xbox live ps3 newtwork is the same


Nope, PSN Ryu > 360 Ryu duh! lmao, noob! +.003 frames! Look at SF Bible!


credits to bucktooth…

walking beats whiff punishing
poking beats walking
whiff punishing beats poking

Next time u hop online try this… just dont throw any fireballs. You can make an exception for low forward fireball or full screen fireball but outside of that dont throw any fireballs so your forced to learn footies, this helped me a lot. Hope this helps


Cheers! Finally someone with a relevant post and sounds pretty good, ill give it a try =D


unfortunately, footsies isn’t something that you can learn easily since there are so many matchups and variations. also, it’s hard to realize what you don’t know, so many of it depends on thinking outside the game to ‘figure it out’. here are some expansions on basics for ryu mirror

c.forward beats walking forward
c.rh beats whiffed c.forward
walking forward beats waiting to c.rh a whiffed c.forward

and then if you wanna take it a bit further, fireball beats all three, jumpins beat fireball, focus beats fireball, f+fierce beats focus, c.forward cancelled into fireball/srk beats focus and then you are back to c.rh beating a whiffed c.forward.

hahaha, and we haven’t even gotten around talking about f+mp, ex moves, dashes, hurricane kicks, and 91914 other things that can happen in a match.

it’s not easy, but keep practicing and do a lot of homework OUTSIDE the game.

once you got execution down, spending an hour THINKING about the game will help you more than playing an hour worth of matches/training mode.

good luck


Fireballs when used inside mid-range can be classified as pokes, so they are also part of footsies.

The Japanese have a term for what something similar to what we call footsies, except it’s much broader, but in a sense also easier to understand as a general concept. They use the term “tachimawari”, which literally means “moving around”.

In terms of Fighting Games, tachimawari is what you’re doing (excluding mistakes) outside of things that are guaranteed to hit or leave you in advantageous position (eg. combos, blockstrings, okizeme, set play)

This page has a decent explanation:

If you remove the ranged combat aspect, what you’re left is very close to what we call “footsies”.

The important thing to remember is that the actions you perform during this seemingly neutral phase of combat should have a purpose. You aren’t just randomly moving about and/or pressing buttons. You’re either trying to control space, bait a punishable mistake, or create an advantageous situation through a knockdown or superior positioning. Over the years, various patterns of play have emerged that players use to achieve these goals. Maj has compiled a list of some of these techniques:


That was exactly what i needed thanks soooo much! Time to practice :smiley:


ok footies isnt something u can just pick up on the fly but there are away or steps to improve your footies…
first of all i dont main ryu i main evil ryu but sometimes i check this forum out to see whats new…but anyway my steps to improve my footies are listed below


  1. Limit the amount of times u jump in a round/match (this will allow u to give more thought to what ur doing)
  2. KNOW UR OPPONENT MOST DOMINATE POKE/POKE RANGE (this is important because youll know the range where it will whiff)
  3. Actively think and play (some many people auto pilot at this game its funny, pay attention to what ur opponent it doing n react)
  4. Balls!!! (you got to have some take chances, don’t just sit there shooting plasmas all day)


there are a long more step to improve ur footies but these are just a few of my step