Footsies with Mr. Masters

I’ve heard talk hear and there that Ken’s close-up footsie game is exceedingly nasty, but I don’t actually know what said game actually consists of. Any of you more seasoned players care to elaborate?


As far as I understand, it’s just using his attacks to keep the opnent in a deffensive state and/or continue to preasure the oponent. Like his crouching shorts and forward, U.O.H, standing forward and things alike.

This is something I’ve also wondered, but the above is what I’ve tried to understand on my own, so someone else will probably be able to explain better.

to get a good footsie game it takes some practice. the lk lk pause has a decent frame advantage but you have to hit confirm off the which is a little trickier during battle. For the most part you stay in range and when you see the opp do a move that has a delay on it you smack them back with super. LIke ken vs ken scenario. Both of you are in range…one ken tries to toe you with a and wiffs…the other ken can now super him because of the lag on the move. This is why you see alot of kens just walking in and out. They’re waiting for that move so they can super that ass. Your best bet would be to know what moves you can counter them on and when you see them wiff that particular move its an automatic super. This skips the hit confirm stage since you already know its an automatic counter.

Once you know what you can counter you then can add the hit confirm to your game. Like your in the heat of a battle…you wiff an srk and you notice that the opp didnt counter you immediately…hes ducking and you throw a…this is the confim part because if they block it you just blew a super and if you fucked up the super you just missed a free super. Once you have both techniques ken is feared on the ground.

I’m just trying to understand this. How can a whiff if you are in range? Do you mean you are out of range, oponent whiffs, you can then catch his leg with xx super as he recovers? Where as you would have whiffed, if he had never whiffed the in the first place?

It’s a concept I can grasp, but am finding your explination har to understand.

i should of said walking in and out of range.

so it plays out like this… 2 kens both walking in and out of range. One ken tries a toe and wiffs. Toe means your hitting them with the furthest possible. The other ken can now super him for free if the ken player fast enough. Your not catching kens foot if you try this youll probably get wacked by the You want to catch ken during his recovery time. Its a small window but its there. Your not going to be able to stand in your spot and hit them because chances are if one ken wiffed, your more than likely to wiff too. This is why you walk back and forth constantly because if one wiffs you need to walk forward just a tad and you are now in range. A tad is literally a tad like 1 tap forward.

you don’t need to walk forward. You can just low fwd the retracting limb. If you think your opponent is expecting a low fwd just throw out a low short. it will whif, your opponent will try to low fwd your low short and will likely miss then you can low fwd his whiffed low fwd.

Madness. I :lovin: it.


Was wondering if most players negative-edge into the --> super…in someways it compensates for a persons lack of reaction since they don’t have to release the button, and press again.

I’ve had limited success with it, but normally if the opponent happens to block, there are times when I didn’t hold the kick button long enough to “cancel” the cancel into super…

^I like to do his and pre-buffer in the qcfx2, if I feel or see that it hits, I drum all of my kicks. Same goes for

best way to do it. Brings me back to the alpha days where everyone did double scoop confirm. i thought this was the way everyone did it. guess not

You can try 360’s if you dont like the double scoop hit confirm. Since your holding down already during the, all you have to do is 360 to fwd. I used to do it this way when I was a kid and I rarely missed a confirm. I still do it out of force of habit. You have to 360 pretty fast but its very easy to 360 before the cancel frames.

only bad thing about negative edge is that if you miss it, you have to cancel it out or wait till your out of the qcfx2 timing range. Theres also no way you cant hold it long enough lol. After you press and hold the your immdeiately in the negative edge. Its either you fucked up the double scoop or you let go of the negative edge too early or too late. Too early being before you hit them which is really had to do if you are trying to hit them. Chances are that your letting it go to late.

Generally, it’s a lot better idea to whiff your c.MK in such a way it only barely misses, because if it hits your opponent isn’t blocking (per definition) and that means you can always queue up the super.

Gold your right it is alot better to use for alot of things


double sticky!

You should be drumming the super, I do it all the time. I probably drum most of my supers simply because of habbit, unless of course they have distances. Druming ensures you get the super off as early as possible, so it increases your chances of landing it by default. I especialy like to drum off things like short, short and short, jab, short because the time you have to cancel isn’t as large as other attack. It also difirentiates its self from a normal press of a button, this helps with hit confirming because it gives you a different thing to do to confirm, instead of pressing buttons normaly and ending up getting panicky.