Footsies With Sagat

Hey Guys im making this thread becuz i seem to lose when i get beat by someone with great footsies. I know footsies isnt Sagats department of specialist but i try to use standing short and crouching forward alot but its hard to use it becuz i dont always know the range.

I have become better with standing short but crouching forward is much harder for me to use. Using standing short came in time and i assume it will be the same for crouching forward but if you guys have any helpful hints feel free to post them. Thanks

For footsies I always use st.short, it has more range and faster startup. Always cancel into low tiger shot or short or forward tiger knee depending on how far away.

Thanks alot man, and i usually cancel to forward knee or low tiger shot but when playing footsiesits hard to tell when the short will hit.

I would start getting into the habit of using low jab. It comes out very fast and you can easily cancel it into Low Tiger Shot or an Uppercut. His jab has a pretty good range and can combo into itself for an easy hit-confirm as well.

Try to learn the range on his low strong as well, its a decent poke and has better range than it looks like. It comes out as fast has his low short.

Standing short as mentioned is an awesome footsies tool, has great range and speed. Just be wary that you ARE standing and vulnerable to low attacks. Sagat is not a character you can mash with and you will need to know your timing and links.

One thing I’ve learned/seen recently is the usage of Light Step Kick in footsies. Used after a series of shorts you can occaisionally throw a player off with it (looks like you’re moving forward and vulnerable to attack) and it combos with low jab. As always be wary of Knee usage since it can be dodged and punished by certain characters if you get predictable.

Awesome advice man i really appreciate it! Im trying to use all of Sagats normals as effectively as i can but when i play high level players like my roommate(arival)its hard to really do anything but im starting to learn more and its teaching me to learn and adjust fast. Ive been utilizing st.forward as well and it beats shotos crouching forward and a lot of pokes! Thanks a lot for the advice.

with crouching jab into TS, you push your opponent back out of footsie range. You can scrub out without knowing footsies so long as you can do this, and have 2 meters stocked for a random DP. But yeah, I train ryu when I want to improve my sagat footsies. Just helps me better understand the game in general.

he is the hardest shoto character to control anyways, his footsies are hard.

It’s not so much that his footsie’s are hard, it’s that you can’t let someone get in on you, and you have the tools to do that. Once they get in, you have a million different block strings you can use, they just require timing because they revolve around 1 frame links. Once you get 1 frame link timing down, it’s not a problem anymore. You do a block string, it pushes you to a safe distance. You start a string, and you hit you opponent - dp into ultra. Or they block a string, stop mid way and repeat it as so:

cr. lk cr. lk ----- pause by standing up ---- cr. lk cr.lp xx TU

Or just grab after the first blocked cr. lk - they are now on the opposite end of the screen.

IMHO it’s best to play footsies on your own terms. Like opponent wake up etc. But up close, unless you’re playing a shoto spamming cr. forward you can just safe knee them. Otherwise crouching forward makes any tiger knee whiff into a punish combo - that possibly ends with ultra.

What’s also great about block strings is each blocked hit gives you super meter. Once you get 2 bars, your opponent has to change their style of play, they will be more timid up close - or they will stay back, either way it’s in your favor.

Learn how to utilize all of Sagat’s normals. You don’t have to confine yourself to a set of moves whenever you’re in a certain situation. If you’re playing footsies, then you not only have to understand your normals in that you know their range, priority, uses, etc, but also have to understand the opponent’s character’s normals in the context of the matchup you’re playing and also the person. This also goes into learning what distances characters can do what such as jumping in, throwing a fireball, poking, or whatever. This is all general advice that can be applied to any character but I hope it’ll help you.

I posted on this somewhere else, but dont use EX moves use your meters for FADC uppercuts and punish people for pushing buttons. But if you dont have the meter use standing short fireball and know the range on your knees and kara knees