With footsies, I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish with this, and how exactly it benefits you. Does it help you read your opponent? and what happens when your opponent just seems totally random, and at the same time as soon as you touch a button you get hit by something. Its real frustrating, I’ve been dealing with this for almost a month now, stuck at the whole 100-600 bp range, playing scrubs that use their scrub tactics, and me being a scrub falling for said tactics and feeling like there is literally nothing I can do stop them. I’d like it if someone watched my replays and tell me what exactly I am lacking. I put a post up in the Sakura thread (because I play sakura :p), but I think most of them are busy playign sfxt, as probably are most of you but if you had the time, add me on Psn: XeroForever, and tell me just what I am doing wrong, and what I need to learn to get better. Thx

You’ll probably get better results if you post your matches up on this thread, because honestly, nobody is going to go hunting for your thread.

If you want to meet people on PSN, your best chance is to post up your information the matchmaking thread for PSN.

Footsies is a very generalized concept. It’s about controlling space, played primarily at the mid-to-close range area. It’s more than just throwing out random pokes, it’s about finding ways to land damage in a safe fashion, while putting yourself to as little risk as possible. It involves everything from punishing whiffed moves, to landing cross-ups, to jumping over slow and heavy attacks to do damage, to utilizing your normals up close (like a fireball) to do random bites of damage, etc etc. It’s also about gathering information, because you can determine which moves your opponents like to use, how they react under pressure, whether or not they’re comfortable playing the footsies game, etc etc.

Read all of the stickies in this sub-forum for answers to all of your questions. Also check out Maj’s articles on footsies, they’re extremely informational, and come with some videos to use as examples.

All you need to do is: Block & Punish.

I do understand as your playing online its the lag & frame advantage that makes it harder to punish. Examples are SRKs from Ken on yellow bar connections.