For all in the South FL area:: Cash Tournaments!

Game Warz at Southland Mall (Cutler Ridge, FL) will be hosting a Marvel V Capcom 3 tournament july 23rd 2011. It will be a $20.00 entree fee per player with cash awarded to winner! Double Round Elimination (55%-45% split) with majority of total pot going to winner. My reigning Champion will be there to defend his title so i hope to see you all there! I will be checking in on this thread to answer any questions!

This belongs in the Atlantic South Regional section.

Who’s the defending chapion. Out of curiosity.

It isn’t gonna matter July 23 OHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOLD THAT SHIT.

I apologize. I thought I did post it up there. o_O

His goes under the name of Azazel305. And he’s a bad, bad man… :slight_smile:

Ask your homie if he wants that play for that cash$$$$

Well if you live in the area, Come on down and enter. Should be a decent turnout and the more players the bigger the total “cash pot”. Check the post again for details and i hope to see you there!

Why is it only 55% for 1st? Where is the other 45% going? Ryan Hunter should go there and rape that shit =P

Sounds free i’ll check it out.

Nah, I’m moving this to T&E - we have a thread for that which he should have already posted in.

Your champion is this guy? Haggar assist = win?

I’d also love an answer to my question. Why is the split 55% / 45%? The longer you take to answer the more fishy this whole “tournament” becomes.

I apologize for the delay in my answer, the reason for the 55%-45% split is due to the fact winner takes majority as it should be and the leftover 45% goes to my business and runner ups depending on tournament show up. For every 10 contestants I like to add another “placement” with last qaulifying placement offering at least your money back! (i.e. 1st=$150 2nd=$60 3rd=$20) JUST AS AN EXAMPLE. I gaurantee everything about my tournaments are legit and we do pay the cash on spot. My past contestants and champs can reassure that! I have already posted up some videos on youtube (GameWarz) of some tournaments we’ve held already and streamed live on If your nearby then please stop by one day and check it out!

If your near the area, then please stop by and check it out!!! Southland Mall, Cutler Ridge. Just started everything up May this year so I’m looking to spread the word and put 305 on the map for major tournaments!

this a joke? your taking 45% of the pot? i think you made a typo, you ment 85% 15% split right?

Lol. No not a joke. Just do the math. Its a fair cut and gives room for any runner ups and finalists if there are 20+ people giving out more of the the pot when there are multiple contestants is how it should be, wouldnt you agree? If you feel its too much or greedy then like I keep saying come down and see for yourself. Other than that if your greed is that bad then good luck finding any other places nearby that gives out 85% of the total pot to one declared winner.

When running tournaments you’re supposed to take a venue and pot fee. Participants are more than happy to pay the venue fee so long as the pot isn’t touched. The venue fee goes into the business’s pocket and the venue fee is split 70%,20%,10% between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. And most good event runners give 70% to the first placer. I dont think I would ever attend an event where the pot fee isn’t going entirely back to top 3.

Yeah, I remember this GameWarz dude; wasn’t this the guy that screwed Peter out of a lot of his money?

By the way, there’s plenty of places around that give 100% of the total pot to top three players, so you can officially blow your statement out your ass. Charge a door fee if you want to get paid.

Like i said, Good luck finding hosts who give 85% of the total pot to one winner… My statement still stands uncorrected. Secondly to charge anyone to enter the door is a little hard with my business due to the fact that Im located at Southland Mall. So with others that hold tournament may have that option, i do not so to make up for that i take a small cut. IF ANYONE ELSE STILL DOUBTS HOW I AM RUNNING THIS THEN PLEASE COME DOWN AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. As for you last comment about Peter, sorry bro, Im not the type of dude to screw over anyone so you must have me and my business confused with someone else. Alejandro Traba has already stopped by so for anyone who knows him, he can vouch for me and better explain since i cant seem to explain it well enough.

Well Gamewarz is most definitely on the list of promoters to avoid and has been for a loooong time. The fact is that out community doesn’t like when only first place gets a payout. So your statement doesn’t really need to be corrected. You’re talking about 10-15% more than very other TO gives to first…And you dont collect a door fee from everyone. You collect it form everyone who enters. When you write them in the bracket you take $10 for the venue and $10 for the pot. $10 goes into your pocket and $10 doesn’t get touched. If they didnt give you $10 venue fee then they arent in the bracket. Pretty easy to do no matter where your store is located.