For all of you people running 'Best Friends' with Wolvie and Akuma

I made this for you!

Pretty gotlike.

good stuff.

i don’t know why, but i’ve always wanted to see a drawing of Sentinel doing his HSF, but instead of smaller sentinel drones, there are 3 sets of 3 horses wearing diapers. and underneath it says “Diaper Sentinel Horse”. can you draw this? i will pay you (with respect).

Uh, I think I might be able to help you. That sounds incredible.

Wow that’s awesome. I like the colors that you used, stands out but still works together.

I would pay money for a shirt.

I was literally just looking at it and thinking about printing it on a shirt. Definitely gonna see what I can do about that. Glad you guys like it!


i’m gonna just say… wow, everyone knows akuma’s only friend is chuck norris.

Don’t create a new thread just to post an image. Things like this go in the media/art section like Image Mishmash. And even then, its not a good idea to create a thread in general to post one photo. Use an existing relevant thread.

Nevermind. See you moved it. Thanks for that.



They jelly.

aw that blows my ms paint troll picture out the water!!! seriously tho thats good shit

No way, dude. That paint piece will go down in history. I have it printed out next to mine!

LOL very nice.

You should make a “Happy Birthday” one next hahaha.

With Wolverine Fatal Clawing the whole cast.

can someone pm me when he finishes diaper sentinel horse? thnx in advance

Just for updates sake, I’m probably gonna make a sketchbook thread over in Fanart or something to start dropping stuff in. I’ll post here when I get to it.

I’ll be messing with some pieces this weekend. See what I can about Diaper Sentinel Horse and respond to Mike Ross’s call for a Fei Long conscience doodle.

Anyone else have any ideas? “Buy Odin’s Beer!” has been suggested, and I really want to do Hulk’s “GAMMA RAPE.”

very nice work.

MvC3 Babies!

why is akuma holding a cat