For all online players

What is your gamertag and what is the reason/meaning behind it?


it’s my first name

my parents hate me

My gamertag is bodler because my name is bodler

My gametag is JIZZnJAM. Not it’s not but that’s one bad ass gametag.

For all online players

BullDancer… I throw together two words that don’t belong beside each other… Banana Kool-Aid being my favorite one:rofl:

Wait… you don’t dance with bulls?! I got baited.

My gamertag is Xombie 3RD - “X” type zombies intrigue me and 3RD is my Modern Warfare 2 clan.

My GT is KickboxinFlip- I do muay thai and im filipino(flip)

Gking because its a random name i came up with on mario kart xD

nk4e- watching too much Initial D at one point then it stuck with me .

i used to listen to hellrell and he called himself ruger. plus i used ruger for all my forum names. the “de la ghetto” part came from fresh prince when will lied to this girl bout a poet from philly name Raphael de la ghetto. took off raphael and added ruger and there’s my name

GT Sux 2 Be Yu

I wrote it in my manga a year or two ago during a fight scene and it stuck with me…