For all the europeans out there that play hd remix


look what this cocky idiot is doing on other forums

SMQ the twat


He thinks he’s the HDR best player in europe? HAHAHAHH…
Let me tell you what happened not too long ago…
I beat his ass so severely that he left the room. Then he comes back and wants revenge.
But he keeps disconnecting. Shortly after that he messages me saying : "Why are you kicking me out? OH i know cuz you can only beat noobs!"
I was laughin’. And i thought 2 myself : “That’s how much that kid knows about this game…”

However , I havent seen him on HDR lately… I wonder what happened :crybaby:


smq is a jackass


I doubt anyone really cares.


He got beaten at SVB. He’s not even the best in the UK, let alone Europe. It’s not uncommon for him to ragequit on me either.


Why not call him on it? If for nothing else than comedy value.


yeah, he quit on me too after he loses, he’s just an idiot who thinks talking tough on XBL makes him a tough guy. Pity is the best thing for him


Obviously someone does care since peoples has been replyin’ to this thread.
You sound butthurt though … Did something happen ? :frowning:

I understand that you might not have alot of friends IRL.
But please :slight_smile: Don’t come here acting like a big-shot. I’ve played your Vega several times. You’re nothing special.


While agree that SMQ is a giant cock sucker, Shari is a pretty solid player.


In shari’s defense, a post from VF would have been far worse. Shari just cuts to the point.


Allow me to act immature for a minute.

First to 10 ?


Completely agree.


I’ll play you first to 10 whenever you learn how to speak/type in swedish.
Because everytime i’ve beaten you u have been keeping your mouth shut.
Even though i said something like “gg”. Inga egocentriska skrubbz taCk ! :razzy:

Deal ? :slight_smile:


This stick does not a mic port.

Stop trying to dodge the challenge.

Are you accepting or not ?


Notice it was all text messages.
Stop trying to dodge the challenge? :slight_smile: The word you are looking for is “avoid”.
Your english vocabulary ain’t doing the job…

As i said … I promise i will play you first to 10 whenever you learn how to speak/type/write in Swedish.
That’s all i ask for. You being a “egocentrisk skrubb” … I don’t mind that too much.


So that is a no then.

You are pathetic.

I am putting you on ignore.

Ha en bra dag.


That was actually a yes/no !
But if it makes you feel better … Sure … Consider it a “no”.

i remember sending a message to you (after beating you ofcourse) saying : “you’re pretty good … I’m impressed!” (That was in swedish)
Still you kept your mouth shut instead of replying. That’s pretty funny ! And it also means that you’re either a egocentric bitch or that you can’t read in swedish.
I’m not sure which one it is …

lol i’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.
With your vocabulary i’m sure you don’t even know the meaning of the word “pathetic”…

Later everyone.


What the hell is this about? I don’t know either of you except as cool peoples. You dudes need to kiss and make up.

Oh and exposed, dodge is a valid synonym for avoid lol.