For all those NOT close to an arcade

GET ON GGPO, or 2DF, if you are not busy… go go go go

Here’s some samples of a night at the arcade (this is Mi Ka Do, and Shin Jin Ku all in 1):wgrin:

I hope you all enjoy these. This should help any new memebers see what ST is all about and why WE ARE ALL ADDICTS:rofl::rofl:

I noticed the forum is kinda down, and I understand the mods are busy with the huge influx of new members and SF4 :party: so I wanted to give some fresh life to the ST forum.

GGS to all and to all an option select super reversal counter out of a linkxxsuper tick attempt:lol:

If anyone plays on GGPO and wants to play Random Select with me sometime, just let me know.

Our version of Random Select is where you pick your character blind, either by spazzing out with the joystick at the selection screen or (my preference) using a random number generator, where 1 = Ryu, 2 = Ken, 3 = Honda, 16 = Dictator, etc. You get your choice between new and old version of the character.

After the game is finished, we usually reset it and have both people pick anew again. We don’t usually play winning character stays, because you can get situations where one person got their “best” character and goes on big win streaks against characters the other person is weak with. So this helps keep strong characters from being played disproportionally often.

It has a pretty casual feel, because you’re not playing “for blood,” you’re just “messing around with Random.”

Pffft, I always play for blood.

p.s. Play me on GGPO foo!

You ought to have the random option select between all 32 character versions. That way, all the old characters get good use as well. But then, do you even play on GGPO anymore? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you again after Super Sundays ended. :sad:

And ggs the other day, ShinVega. ST is where it’s at.

HOLLA at me, foos!

I mean, for real.
We’re missing good players up thurr.

He gets on randomly and normally when he does he is always playing Little Mac :sad:

yeah ggpo rocks man.

really love to play u guys some day.

For all those that care.

You must join quickly!!! Tourny is April 7th

Thanks for letting us know Sanjuro!!! XD
Thanks to critical for set up!!! XD

(srry can’t use smiles on iPhone for some reason)

Funny thing is I thought it was tonight…

Oh well.

what a great idea sanjuro!!!
time to practice up

I just recently found out about GGPO. I uh, suck. Are people at GGPO generally tolerant of… suckage?

dude like 5 months ago, i was the same
as were most people who play on ggpo
a good month or 2 on ggpo will really help you level your game up

look at me, i’m in the screen shots! wooo!

Alright I started playing GGPO. It went pretty well, considering I lost every single match except 1. Everybody I played was nice, said ggs even when they clearly outclassed me. I’ll keep playing. My nickname is “spicyclubsauce.”

Not sure if I’ll be playing every day but I’ll be mixing it up with HDR and SFIV on PS3.

Trust me, ST on GGPO is way more fun then random scrub bashing on HDR and SFIV.

The true test of niceness is when you win almost every match. Then you’ll find for every 2 nice people, there’s a scrub.

Just tryin to whore it out…

I am just finding out about ggpo, never been up on the pc fighting game scene. gonna try this out sometime.

ssf2t ftw!