For all you combo pros out there

Hey all. I am not new to fighter games or Street fighter for that matter. I would say I am a decent fighter, BUT I was never really big on combos. I’m a basic type of person with some mind games too.

A couple weeks ago I got kinda frustrated with SSF4 because of various things. But mostly the hit priority seems to be pretty jacked up to me, but anyways. I switch to playing Blaz Blue (CT) The game looks sharp and all, but man I get combo-ed up like crazy. In SSF4 I wasn’t totally dependent on combos. In BlazBlue it seems like I should be totally dependent on combos.

THEN I saw the new gameplay footage of Marvel vs Capcom 3. I was never a huge player of the MvC2 era, but it always interested me. But, I HAVE TO GET COMBO SAAVY FOR WHEN MVC3 COMES TO MY GRIPS.

So for all you combo heads out there…how do you do it? Do you spend hours and hour practicing? Or is it something that just comes natural to you? And what kills me is that some of you folks can remember combos for different characters. How do you do it? I have to get in there for the MvC3 game…it looks to good to not join in the fun.

Practice. Practice practice practice. There is no easy way way to get better. Just practice.

Try playing HDR if you like mind games and basic combos… granted you will get your ass handed to you when you start off but you get character help and matchup knowledge in the HDR subforum, its okay to make a thread asking basic questions down there… because it doesn’t get to much activity down there anyway:sad:

Marvel seems like people just make up combos on the fly

I’d also like to know what that’s all about, I try this magic series business but it just devolves to mashing.

Working through all the trails in SSF4 is a good place to start.

Learning bnbs/customs for most games would help honestly.

A lot of combos aren’t as hard as they look. A lot of games with gatling cancels have similar combos for a lot of the characters. For example, all those fancy air combos in MvC3 you’re seeing? They’re all done by the same button presses across all the characters.

Someone posted this in a different thread, but it really summed it up well. There are 5 parts to combos in the faster more combo-orientated games.

Starter (poke usually)-> ground chain (simple gatling usually) -> launcher -> air chain (simple gatling, maybe a double jump) -> finisher (knockdown).

This shouldn’t really be an issue once you understand the system that allows for combos to be done in (most) 2D fighters

Barring ground links (because a jumping normal + a grounded one while the opponent is still on hitstun is technically a link) and other game-specific, non-obvious ways to combo your attacks, it usually comes down to cancelling a normal into another normal/a special/super/some other form of attack, once again varying with game

For example, if you wanted to do Alex’s meterless BnB combo in SF3:3S, you wouldn’t need to look up a guide or anything (assuming you know the very essential: The motions required to perform each move), all you’d need to do was test his normals until you found the most damaging one that’s cancellable on hit (which is st. MK)

From there, you would try cancelling into specials - You’d find the only cancel that actually combos is a LP Flash Chop (actually, cancelling a st.MK into EX DP+K also combos, and so does st.MK into SA2 and obviously EX Flash Chop, but we’re talking about a BnB without meter). So there you’d have it, and naturally a jumping normal that allowed for st.MK to combo could also add to the hit count

It’s all very simple experimentation, don’t worry too much about “memorizing” combos, just test what can be cancelled, what combos, what links, etc. - Depending on the game, some characters may have some very counter-intuitive combos, but that’s another story, and they’re usually the minority of a cast

This is a super helpful thread. I had been playing a little SF2T and never knew how to combo, and now I have TcV: UAS, and combos are obviously necessary in that game. I’ve been getting some small combos, but nothing too big, I’m guessing I just need to practice more. Anyways, thanks for advice to the people who responded.

Thanks for all the feedback guys and gals. I’ll go to the training modes and try to hard code a few combos into my brain. It sucks playing online because in player matches I will still come across a bunch of high level folks who just thrash me like I stole money from their mom.