For anyone attending East Coast Throwdown

I posted this in the actual tourney thread, but it got gobbled up real quick by other posts so if this is the wrong place for this, mod please move to appropriate forum.

I’m looking for anyone that will be willing to loan me a stick for my matches during the tournament, preferably with an Octagonal gate (beggars aren’t choosers though so I’ll take anything anyone will share with me). I’ve been playing SF4 nonstop since release and this is the first tourney since that I’ll be able to attend. I’m a 360 player and since the format is PS3, I would hate to have to miss my first opportunity at real competition. If anyone is in the Westchester/NYC area and are looking for a ride to Morristown, I’ll be more than happy to pick up anyone that’s kind enough to let me use a stick; otherwise, anyone that’s attending and is willing to help out a fellow SFIV lover, let me know.

P.S. I’m a mature, laid back 20 year old who would under NO CONDITIONS ever damage something that wasn’t my own- I’m not in any way one to worry about breaking your controller out of frustration (as I read was the unfortunate case of one individual who was kind enough to loan someone his stick at Evo).


Hopeless as I knew it would be, I wasted a few hours last night trying to find a stick. Since I know it’s not gonna happen before Saturday, you guys are my only hope! Please!

If it means actually getting a stick, I’m willing to pay the venue fee for whoever will help me out!

By the infinitely unlikely occurrence of a Street Fighter miracle, I fucking found a PS3 Arcade edition SFIV stick in a gamestop. I went to the gamestop up by my family’s business in Danbury, CT, expecting to ask the guys working there if they knew anyone willing to sell a controller (as obviously they wouldn’t have any in stock). The guy turned out to be really friendly behind the counter, and checked inventory from other local stores after I told him I was looking for any PS2/PS3 stick. After no luck with a VF or Hori stick, he asked me if I wanted him to check for the actual SFIV sticks (even though we both knew there was almost guaranteed to be nothing). Lo and behold, 35 minutes away at a gamestop in Waterbury they had two. Needless to say I asked the guy to put it on hold for me and sped my ass over there.

I strongly suggest that anyone still looking for a stick go to their local Gamestop, Best Buy (as one guy suggested) or whatever electronics outlet and have them do a local inventory check. As I learned today, you may just luck the fuck out and find one.

Since I found a stick I won’t be needing to borrow one- mods can close this.