For anyone who has the Mayflash stick

I’ve heard from two reviews on Amazon when using it on the ps2 it doesn’t work for Tekken 5, Guilty Gear & Soul Calibur 3. Is this true?

Seems awfully strange it would work on some games and not others!

I just got mine today. Guess what? The joystick registers as an analog stick, not as a d-pad. This means that any game that does not allow for analog inputs is completely unplayable.

This makes me pissed. I paid 50 bucks for this thing. Is there a way to fix this with modding?

idk my works after and before i modded it but it prob cause you guys got the newer one there like 2 different version.

The default Mayflash board is legendary for its wackyness. I remember when I tried to play BlazBlue with it and somehow up and down were analog and right and left was digital. Hell, don’t even mention the bizarre button layout when you use it on a PS3. I don’t remember too many issues when using it on the PS2, but I was mostly playing 2d games with it.

The one thing that the Mayflash is good for is modding. At the very least get new buttons to do away with the secondary PCB. Hell, you can just wire the buttons right to the main PCB. Just make sure you keep track of what lines do what. The stick shaft and switches aren’t horrible, but it wouldn’t hurt if you want to get rid of it.

Personally, I got so sick of the PCB that I got rid of it and used one from another cheap PS3 stick. If you do this, you will need to replace the four function buttons on the top. I recommend just grabbing basic half-inch push-buttons from Radio Shack as replacements.

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but is there any way that I can change it from analog to digital?