For anyone with some spare time

Hey guys, I am in need of a couple of av’s for different forums that i post at (tekken zai, etc…). U guys do the best work that i have seen and this is my favorite forum so.

ok all i want is an av made out of the picture that i have attached (manly the face). the more the merrier. thanks to who ever picks this up. have fun.


ill try one

alright man…here it is…i couldnt do much with it cause the pic is really hard to work with…but i hope u like it:p

thats pretty good but you spell Archangel wrong could you fix it. thanks.


think i could try?

yeah sure go for it, i acually need more than one so have fun.



i wanna try!!!.. i like red

lubbz da effex in LF’s design… topness

lol that is pretty freakin sweet dude, he looks all evil. I am going to use that one. thanks.


Mind if i give it a try too?

go ahead dude the more the merrier.