For Chikyuu fans

Absolution2K4, Chikyuu vs RF:

Video quality isn’t the best, but it’s Chikyuu!



Strange, in every Chikyuu Twelve vid I’ve seen, he never once does an air AXE or Dive. I know it can be parried if you get predictable, but I would assumme he would do it at least once, I’ve seen other japanese players almost whore it in the air. I wonder what his philosophy is behind it?

It’s not completely safe. He pretty much restricts himself to moves that CANNOT generally be punished.


Hehe I remember that match at abs, chikyuu came off the machine holding his wrist in slight pain! :karate:

also the loud ‘AY!’ you heard everytime chun got her super to connect, was shouted out by none other than RF himself! :clap:

did anyone know an other vid site or something 4 twelve vidz ?

Not much Chikyuu only stuff, some was in the JapanvsNebraska vids when Chikyuu was using Necro, and then switched to Twelve in the final match of the finals against Izu’s Makoto.

Is that IADing back and forth from range what Twelve players do now? :confused: I’m not sure if he was trying to just build meter or piss Chun off at the same time.

Thank you, BillyKane.

Thank you BillyKane for the sweetness that this Chikyuu vid has brought to our moistened vaginas.

                  Love, USA

wow, i bow to Chikyuu’s dexterity…i’d lose a finger constantly playing the way he does :wow:

that’s a true 12 player , ouch indeed

however , if the opponent does turtle+parry , bye-bye 12

edit : match 2 is awesome … in round 2 , wtf ??

Twelve certainly is teh man…women…thing…

Not as good as the blob from clay fighter though.

Links dead :frowning: could someone host this movie again?