For deon

Hey man happy early b-day man. I will be out next weekend so I have to post this earlier than expected. Do it before I forget too haha. It’s on the 23rd you said right. Well i hope you like it. Later. res version for you. Signed it too like you asked.

Wow man, color work bro. Keep it up! Always been a big fan of ur work

Pete man, thanks a bunch. This pic is so awesome. You captured Snake and the jungle setting perfectly. You should of put your name or whatever on it, cuz Im gonna wanna print this out. Thanks again though, d00d.

Man this rocks. I have to show my friend this. he’s a huge Metal gear fan. I have to get Painter and wacom

What an awesome birthday present! cough10Febcough cough :wink:

hey me next feb 15 but y ou alrady know.

Deon: he did put his name on it, its on the bottom left “Di” for dipseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttt

awesome, thanks. Yea DF he didnt signed the first one he posted up.

Oh, would you look at that! It’s my birthday, too! cough, Kando or Nightmare’s fine, cough

Dood, this’s an instant desktop. I don’t even care if it’s stretched out and blurry… it’s a desktop.

Thx guy I am glad you kinda like it. Well if i am not busy I can do more bday sketches for you guys. Cough april cough is next year.

Deon, we share the same birthday. (Hence the “237” part of my username.) Have a great day!

Where’s my pic SFMC?

awesome Jz, have a good bday too.