For EVO 2K5 DVD have the video quality of 2k4 with sound from the game and audience

This is probably too little - too late since its 2 months away but here’s a suggestion you guys might want to consider for the EVO 2k5 DVD.

You guys should give the EVo 2k5 DVD viewers the perfect video quality of evo 2k4 with the option of switching from either the digital game audio or the analog crowd/game audio (i.e. 2k2 and 2k3). This is very simple to do and shouldn’t cost too much. Again however, this might be too late for 2k5, perhaps 2k6 if possible.

Reason being is that I’d rather watch a match video with decent video quality with sounds from the game and audience than with perfect video quality and no audience sound at all - any day.

I watched 2k2 and 2k3 dozens of times, compared to my 1 viewing of 2k4 - that was only 3rd Strike and I have all 4 discs - wow.

I know alot of you out there feel the same. If there’s any chance that this is in the works or if you’re steps ahead of me let me know. Peace. :tup:

You know it’s possible to have all the crowd reactions with perfect video quality, it’s been done before, the SBO dvds and that Shirube one.

That would be perfect.

Yes, please do that for Evo 2k5

We’ve certainly thought of and tried it before, but thanks for the thought.

Though it sounds like the easiest thing in the world, as it turns out, it’s neither simple nor cheap. I don’t understand all of the technical reasons behind this (but if you don’t either, please don’t weigh in with “just slap a microphone down next to the monitor!” or whatever), but synching diverse audio tracks with one video feed is considered one of the most difficult editing tricks there is.

Part of the reason this is hard is that if the synch is even just a tiny bit off, it’s incredibly annoying. Maybe you’ve seen this watching vids on crappy WMP- the audio and video are a little bit off, and you’ll hear the dragon punch sound half a beat before you actually see it onscreen. It not only ruins the flow and surprise of the match, but becomes very distracting.

The SBO dvds do it, yes, but that’s also (I suspect) part of the reason they have about 15% as much footage as you find on the EVO dvds. They also have access to many full-time professional video editors, and their final product still costs 180$ (for far less material). So yes it can be done, but when you make an honest comparison taking into account these other factors, I personally prefer the EVO format.

Nevertheless, we also like this effect and will be trying it again this year, hopefully with some better results. This year’s EVO dvd is already on track to be the best ever, so stay tuned.


I really hope this years EVO dvd has more semi finals matches from other games, I liked the 2k3 DVD better since it had more matches, though I did love the live footage of various things that happened on the 2k4 dvd, im sure that will be back

Yeah Evo2K3 DVD Owned 2K4, the only thing good on the Evo2K4 DVD was the Seth Cam

Seriously, I REALLY do want the crowd background sound in it. It just doesn’t feel like watching a tourney without it. SBO does it, why can’t EVO?

If there weren’t any camcorders or microphones recording the audience sound, then there won’t be any as they can’t just create it a month afterwards.

The Evo 03 was MUCH better than 04

Personally the crowd idea to me sounds great. Yeah the Seth Cam was the highlight of the 2k4 DVDs… two other things I’d like to throw out there. I’d like more casuals in there… personally for 3S and second try not to make 2 sided disks, my 2k4 DVDs are so scratches just from watching the other side that I cant watch half the matches :sad: thanks.

A couple minor questions that I thought could piggy-back safely in this thread:

To clarify, I’m not trying to rush anyone - I thought this year’s Evo was great. I just want to make sure I don’t tread on the DVD’s toes by releasing footage that is going to be on the DVD itself. I believe I know most of the MvC2 matches that I’ve taped that ~may~ be on the DVD (the console on the left during semis), but had two questions:
a) is there a list of what’s likely to be on the DVD? At this point I’m pretty much able to guess what I suspect was taped, but if a master list was available, that would simplify my life a little. :smile:
b) do you guys have enough footage? I’m still building the list of what I filmed, but when I talked with Tony about what was okay to share I said I’d give you guys first dibs on any footage if you guys ended up needing/being able to use more.

No worries about anything, though. This year’s Evo kicked ass. Thanks for everything. :tup:

I’d rather have good sound than good video.