For Free: Quick Disconnects EDIT: and joysticks / buttons

I got a bag of 100 that somebody here bought a while back…

They haven’t gotten back to me in a while, although they already paid me…

It was returned to me, beacuse his address never existed or whatever.

if you know the dude… his UN’s were ruk[t] and ktru something…

anyways, his real name is shaoba wang…

if you know this person, let him know, i still am awaiting reply on PM, or…

if somebody wants to pay me $3 for shipping, i’ll send it to them.

got something else for free!

two bags of misc buttons (happ and chinese with switches) + two chinese joysticks.
$6 to ship.

If no one claims them I’ll take them.

Are they the happ size or sanwa size? Either way I want them.


If albert doesnt take them I will…

yeah well… the dude hasn’t been on SRK since april 5th… i dunno if he changed his name… no clue…

they’re .187s i think btw.


looks like legendary goku is taking the sticks.

give me two days for a response, since i just found that dude’s email and sent him a message.

then albert, if you’re still interested, send me a PM… if you’re not, then post here so Painted can do his thing.

Send me a PM with your paypal address and I’ll send the money for the QDs.

details about the buttons

I said wait two days for that dude to email me back. He already paid for them, but he hasn’t gotten back to me. I dunno.

and button_mash, they’re gone.

damn i need QDs :frowning:

AMB try ebay i just bought 100 .187 qd’s for $6

yeah, so he got back to me. I’m going to send it out to him again.

But the joysticks are yours dude :slight_smile: