For Honor


Should this be @ EVO 2017?

It has a 1v1 mode and is a combination of a role playing game and a figting game


They need to nerf the Ninja Dagger. Too broken.

For Honor launched - happy Valhallentine's day!

its like asking we should do Gundam VS singles, J-star vs singles. For honor is an Party/team base arena fighter. The mentioned games may provide a single mode but many of the character and mechanics were not designed with singles in mind. I wouldn’t be surprise if for honor is like this. I recall hearing how Viking are good in brawling out opponents which will favors single but character like samurai whose support system us volley with poison effect may not be so great in single but effective in party match.


Reason I say single mode is because it feels like a cross between Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, and World of Warcraft all in one game. You got the story lore feel and fighting feel to it…


Smash is there, have everything else too. who gives a shit.


This isn’t like Smash. This is better and should replace Smash…


The 1v1 option would be a good competitive style for tournaments


There’s already a thread about the game btw.

Not a chance. Have you actually played it?


This thread was first, lol.


Oh shit I didn’t see the date. I searched for old threads before opening mine but I couldn’t find it.
I’d like to move the discussion in this section though but apparently some mods think this has nothing to do with fighting games.


If Pertho didn’t move it then we’re good… I hope :slight_smile:


I don’t think that this game belong here (as much as other games) but I still enjoyed it.

Still I have some thoughts about its mechanics:

  1. Inputs felt clunky. Methods of cancelling and linking attack are all over the place. Some things can be only linked (Peacemaker grab et c.) some can be buffered and there is a type of attacks that can be cancel certain attack before it connects (and i don’t see the point of it). Things that bothering me usually happen when you do some stuff (like running attack), you hit and opponent decides to run so he rolls out then you try to use chasing attack (usually forward dash+something) and you just do an empty roll or start stuttering.
  2. This game is very heavy on reaction based mechanics. So many stuff to monitor and lots of similar’ish ““QTE”” mechanics. And game can escalate from 1 to 11 in seconds in dominion. And lag + P2P making parrying and deflecting attacks too risky to use.
  3. Levelling in dominion is all over the place. I just don’t get it.
  4. People that can run for free and do a 180* + light attack to interrupt your chasing attack are so annoying.

So what are you guys think?

P.S. There is a some strange and funny dynamic when 1v1 escalates to 2v1. If people try to mow you down with heavy attacks you getting instant Revenge gauge and get immense advantage: armor, stamina, knockdown, partial throw invincibility.


I barely played dominion, I was mostly into duels (as most PC players seem to be). I think the game is a few steps away from being a good fighting game, but the presence of one hit kills on narrow maps makes those fights unidimensional and shows why one of the devs was calling it a shooter with swords.

On the other hand the “QTE” you describe really is no different than watching if your opponent is grounded or jumping in a fighting game and block accordingly.


I am glad to see discussion about For Honor on SRK I actually came here and made an account for it.

Outside of Dominion (which seems like a tacked on mode for peeps who aren’t as comfortable with the fighting mechanics). This game… is an excellent fighting game! I have been playing a lot and I love the depth! Having 3 directions to guard from makes for interesting mechanics. You can combo from every direction, there are movesets that you can use that can be countered with guard. There’s a block, grab, attack trinity mechanic going on as well as some great zoning and strategy.

I can’t say I am the best at fighting games and know a lot about them I just followed SRK as a lurker for a while and after playing For Honor felt like it had a place here. What a sick game!


Yes it is similar. But there is so much stuff just to monitor: Enemy triangles (with mix ups or attack cancels), your triangles with side attacks and defence bars and et c. And range matters a lot.
I played dominion a lot and (mostly Peacekeeper or Weaboo) I feel that there is too much weight on guesses. I really think that game have some wonky things that make you feel out of control (but I’m new and not used to it.)

Also the real competitive mode should be 2v2. 1v1 is gutted like third of game mechanics out.

I want to buy it but I feel how UBI want to milk me with DLC stuff and I know that this game will be on sale in less than 3 months.


The only real thing that matters is the range and looking at the opponent’s triangles. Playing an assassin is good for this reason - your block only lasts for a limited amount of time, which forces you to hit in the right direction right before each blow.


Oh see, THIS is the thread I was talking about; knew I wasn’t crazy! I remembered seeing a For Honor thread before, so it struck me as odd seeing the recent one at GD. Anyway, been watching a lot of high level footage (or what I perceive to be “high-level” anyhow). The more skillful the play, the more I am convinced that this game can be considered a fighter. Been trying to find more streams/videos of For Honor but so far I really enjoy watching TrUTa1ent. Here’s a match I enjoyed. Again, having not played the game it’s impossible to for me to gauge the actual skill being displayed; regardless, I think there’s a snippet where he does a pretty good job describing the mind games/meta during the match.


Anyway, I’m interested in hearing the thoughts of seasoned FG players, specifically if there’re any FG concepts/ fundamentals that translate well into For Honor’s combat system aside from just reactions. According to Momochi and ChocoBlanka’s youtube channel, they had the opportunity to try the beta (probably very little, maybe even just the tutorial.) I’m really curious to hear both of their opinions on the game if they decide to play more.


The devs probably said that because the shooter market is much larger than the fighting game market. I’m not saying they are wrong, but I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they were told to say that for marketing purposes.


I think the same because definitely they went very far in integrating FG mechanics into the game to be just a coincidence. But as it stands it’s too DS-like to be a true fighting game.


What FG mechanics are in the game that wouldn’t be obvious to add to a weapon combat game?