For Jetay

this is art on Arcadiaus’s account

Jetay i wuold like to apologize for calling you a thief i reacted poorly and for that I’m sorry.
that said i still don’t feel that you should be at my place. the reason for that is, because you are a hard person to get along with. and I don’t feel comfortable with you here.

Sorry for the delayed response, i have been busy lately with EVO ect…

Is this supposed to be public? You could just pm him…

I think Arts idea was to apologize but so everyone can know… Just so there is no bull… Not to mention he isn’t into computers… he just used mine to post one thing

Ok. I figured he wasn’t too hot w/ comps so I wanted to make sure it was intentional.

Me and art have since resolved our issues, and I’d like to make sure everyone understands I hold no ill will against him. I can understand if he is still angry at me, and he has every right to be. I hope no one has formulated opinions about him due to my behavioral slip on these boards. If you have, come down to Portland and meet him. He’s a great guy.

man i wish you guys could at least be in the same room together, i get along with both of you guys for different reasons.