"For Mother Russia!" Zangief Video Thread

Most character forums have video threads, so here’s ours. Post up videos you like, talk about videos, critique pros, give advice to new players, etc.

General video sites****
-Variations of searches for Zangief on NicoNico (plug a video link into this site if you don’t have a Nico membership)
-Variations of searches for Zangief on You Tube
-Sweet collection of lots of good Zangief matchup-specific vids

Specific players

Maho Shojo Zangitan
You Tube
–[media=youtube]jkIUnLSw2mk&feature=PlayList&p=E9BF31E48BAC9889&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=1"[/media], 2009 2-15
–[media=youtube]57dv_nq-50Y&feature=related"[/media], 2009 2-15
–[media=youtube]-1yvyN5rXnM&feature=related"[/media], 2009 2-15
–[media=youtube]yi2oTe56UUY&feature=related"[/media], 2009 2-15

You Tube
–[media=youtube]Z8mJioi5gpo"[/media], 2008



Itabashi Zangief

Shoji KOG
You Tube

You Tube
–[media=youtube]53K40bnm0-4"[/media], 2009 4-11
–[media=youtube]jtDAhIjT4N0"[/media], 2009 4-11
–[media=youtube]u3E7nRoODr8"[/media], 2009 4-11
–[media=youtube]jfxod7zuEgs"[/media], 2009 4-11
–[media=youtube]7RTQo-3vie0"[/media], 2009 4-11
–[media=youtube]H6cbeDrweeQ"[/media], 2009 4-11
–[media=youtube]-yCyyLwFpEE"[/media], 2009 4-4
–[media=youtube]zHW7Wo6TvTo"[/media], 2009 1-17
–[media=youtube]ZCfkDdtLEyY"[/media], 2009 1-17
–[media=youtube]J7UBUcNYhp8"[/media], 2009 1-17
–[media=youtube]IqOfhlJXxUI"[/media], 2009 1-17
–[media=youtube]WR7vn6ca26I"[/media], 2008 11-16
–[media=youtube]KKLbOOJLb4Q"[/media], 2008 11-16
–[media=youtube]H_OXSkx0za4"[/media], 2008 11-16
–[media=youtube]0eIswgrJtU0"[/media], 2008 11-16


A few to get started that people have already pointed out:

Mahoshojo Zangitan (Zangief) v Aojiru Guile (Boxer)

There’s another set of videos posted up by Coopa, but Hotobu already gave him some advice, so let’s start this thread off with Matt’s vid v Fuerte. I’m just gonna go through the vid and write about whatever I think might be useful whenever I see something I think I can help on.


0:22: The stuff up to here was good. You’re right, Fuerte’s games are just about guessing right, and there’s nothing really to be said about them other than that. Here, though, you do a random lariat as Fuerte is waking up, which is a bad idea. If he has ex meter, this gives him a free ex backrun into splash/grab, and if he doesn’t have meter, he can block the lariat once and then do an immediate backrun into splash/grab.

0:43: Ach, I really don’t like this. All you ever need to do on a waking Fuerte is mix up between crouching jab and spd, with heavy emphasis on the crouching jab. If he does reversal antiair grab, you get a free lariat. If he does ex run, try to react with ex green hand, but if you can’t, well, this is why you should mix in spd occasionally (spd beats run). If he does ultra, you recover from your crouching jab in time to jump out of his ultra on reaction and land with suplex/720. Meaty lariat beats wakeup antiair grab, , but it loses to Fuerte’s other wakeup options, and when he sees you do lariat before he even wakes up like here, you give him a free ex run-x or ultra. He chooses the free ultra.

0:52: You do ex hand here, which is a good idea. Fuerte’s at the angle where if he’d pressed jumping fierce and you tried lariat, fierce probably would have won and you might have been comboed to death. Blocking the fierce isn’t good either, since that gives Fuerte a free crouching forward xx run mixup. Bleed doesn’t do fierce at all, it turns out, and if you’d done lariat you would have won here, but you still made the good choice.

0:57: I don’t like random green hand here. Bleed didn’t punish you, but he could have comboed you to death or thrown you and set up a run mixup on your wakeup. You then do lariat, and Bleed does like the one thing he shouldn’t do, namely jump straight up and land with roundhouse. If he’d done run into splash/grab, he would have beaten lariat. If he’d jumped back and bounced off the wall with fierce, he would have beaten lariat. Heck, if he’d pressed fierce instead of roundhouse, he might have beaten your lariat clean. Not a fan of random lariats like this.

1:30: I’m not really sure what you’re trying to grab here, heh. Were you thinking he’d do run-slide or just sit there? Fuerte’s not gonna sit next to you as you’re waking up very often.

1:54: Yeah man, you’re doing a lot of random lariats, and they usually lose or trade. Lariat is not very good in this matchup.

I dash toward on my wakeup against Fuerte sometimes too if I’m expecting that he’ll try to pilot his grab or splash at my back (like if he’s expecting me to dash back). It’s risky, but your wakeup is just a guessing game unfortunately. I notice you did ex hand on wakeup a couple times. That beats splash/slide and gets out of splash/grabs aimed at your back, but you’re totally throwable the whole time, so it loses to grabs (even to run-stop normal throw). Anyway, good job winning.

Please feel free (and in fact I’d encourage you) to critique anything I’ve said to the guy. I put in the “I haven’t played SFIV” disclaimer so some could be incorrect plus you’re a better player than I am at this point ,so I’m sure you know little things that I don’t or have missed.

edit: So as to add something to the thread I’ll put this in [media=youtube]GIh_AIbq1LU[/media]

The guy isn’t particularily good, but It shows off Zangief’s alt.

Haha. Thanks for making this thread, guys. If I ever have anything else to ask, I will come here (with a vid, ideally).

It may not be a match vid, but this seems like an appropriate place for this

“Police Academy 4 take Zangief away…”


My record against Ken I is like 2-3 or 2-4.

0:11: Jesus kick is such a stupid move. This spd is actually unsafe, since Rufus is either -1 or 0 on block with that follow-up (I forget which) and spd hits on its 2nd frame. But if Ultra had done lariat before the follow-up, it probably would have traded. Ex green hand would have beaten this ender, but if Ken had done the overhead ender, ex green would have gone right under and not hit at all. So these enders are just another mindgame both characters have to play. Luckily Ken wanted to stay on the ground for whatever reason, and he gets caught by Ultra’s spd.

0:17: This comes out as jump back strong, but I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be neutral jumping strong, which does big damage and 600 stun points. But if you can react to Rufus’ jump like this, you really shouldn’t leave your feet to try to knock him out of the air, cause risking getting hit by his jumping roundhouse into ex dp or ultra is just not worth it. This should have been a lariat.

0:31: Ultra just gave up the round. After that crossup crouching jab thing, if he’d just canceled into ex green hand he almost certainly would have killed Ken with chip damage. Even if that wouldn’t have been the killing blow, Ultra had enough meter to fadc out of harm’s way.

0:40: Ultra just crouched into Ken’s dive kick and took an ultra combo for the loss. No idea what this is about, but I’m guessing it was just poor execution. Maybe he wanted to duck into lariat? Maybe he was going for ex hand? Or maybe he wanted crouching strong (if he did, he shouldn’t have). Hard to say. Whatever it was, in the last 10 seconds Ultra just gift wrapped this round and handed it to Ken with a nice little bow on it.

0:57: How Ultra didn’t spd here, I have no idea. Rufus starts spinning even before Ultra wakes up, so it should be obvious that he can land spd, but for whatever reason Ultra not only doesn’t block, but actually gets hit by it. If he’d blocked, he would have been able to super Rufus on block, since super comes out in 1 frame, enough to punish tornado’s retardedly good -1 recovery.

1:03: What’s the backdash about, Ultra? Spd already eats all meaties and regular throws, so if you think he’s gonna do something on your wakeup, just throw that spd out. All the backdash does here is give you recovery frames that Ken punishes with another throw.

1:14: Well that was retarded. Ken sits there on a Zangief player with full super meter and eventually ultra meter and just keeps throwing. Why does Ken risk a throw’s worth of damage in the face of Gief’s super? This seems like a retarded risk at first, but it really isn’t. In calculating risk-reward, you can’t just go based on flat damage, ie, you can’t just say “super does more damage than throw, therefore it’s not worth going for throw.” You have to modify the damage by the likelihood that that move will be used. Scrubby Gief players tend to throw wakeup super out a lot, but the supposedly “better” Gief players very rarely throw it out, and Ken knows that. The probability that I’m gonna use a wakeup super in this case is really low, let’s say 10% just to throw a number out there. Ken is certain he’s going to use a throw, so he has a 100% chance of trying a throw. 100% of Rufus’ 150-damage point throw is 150 damage, but 10% of Zangief’s super is 50 damage. This means going for the throw is not only reasonable once, it’s reasonable 3 times. Lo and behold, Ken stands there twice and then gets a couple more throws off dive kick ticks. Sextaro is famous for pushing his luck and making it work for him, and here again it does.

1:16: Green hand? Why? You’re obviously too close for it to whiff.

1:19: After going for throw every time and after Ultra not believing Ken would keep going for throw every time, Ultra finally believes Ken will go for throw, and Ken instead goes for crouching short xx tornado, which is extremely risky because Gief can punish that on block with ultra or super. Ken does it anyway.

1:21: I again have no idea what Ultra was going for here. How did he not block that jump-in? How did he not press lariat for the probable trade? Why did Ken go for a combo that he knows was super unsafe, since again, if Ultra had blocked this, he would have gotten a free super/ultra?

This whole match is a gross mystery. Why did Ultra let Ken off the hook in the first round? Why did Ultra just… not block 2-3 times in ways that either lost him rounds or lost him opportunities for big damage? Who knows. Rufus is a very good character choice for Ken, who is absolutely sick at guessing right. Rufus doesn’t really have to worry about spacing in most of his matchups, he can sorta get in for free against most characters, meaning Ken can spend the maximum amount of time possible eating lucky charms. That’s what he does here, and good game to him.


0:11: Lariats are not very useful for getting in in this match. High tiger shots beat low tiger shots, and both tiger shots beat both lariats in their recovery frames. But since Sagat’s tiger shots move so fast and he has so little startup/recovery, you can actually successfully lariat through a tiger shot only to get hit by a 2nd on your recovery.

0:24: This should have just been a jumping fierce, crouching short xx ex hand combo. No reason to press your luck in the number of hits you can land.

0:44: I like how Ultra’s dealing with Paul’s tiger shots here. He’s doing crouching forward under the high ones, which ducks under them while still moving Gief forward, and he’s only jumping over the low ones at safe ranges. Take the tiger shot at :41, for example. If Ultra had jumped here, he probably would have gotten a roundhouse or tiger uppercut for his troubles, either an ex one, which would beat his jump-ins, or a regular one, which would probably trade and lead to a juggle. In both cases, Ultra would be out of life and out of range. If Ultra does lariat here, he’s gonna get normaled by Paul, and if he’s not quite in range for ex green hand to hit Paul through a tiger. And walking up and blocking tiger shots isn’t gonna move forward, either, the shots have too much pushback and Paul can do them too frequently for that to work. This is a bad spot for Zangief to be in. Ultra solves this by letting the tiger shots push him back to a range where he can jump in safely, leaving himself just a little closer than he was before. He’s careful not to jump in with an attack, since that would have made Gief’s hitbox a little bigger and more susceptible to antiair tiger shots, toward+roundhouses, and tiger uppercuts. Indeed, if he’d done jumping forward kick or fierce, Paul’s toward+roundhouse very well might have tagged him. Instead, Ultra’s in a better position that he was before, and all he had to give up to do it was a small amount of chip damage, which is well worth it.

1:00: Ugh, Ultra could have ended the round right here. Paul has just whiffed an ex dragon punch and Ultra’s right behind him; if Ultra does dash up ultra right now, with that full ultra meter, it might very well have been enough to take the round. Instead Ultra inexplicably does a jumping short, which whiffs. This should pretty much be the end of the round. It’s really hard for Gief to get in on a running Sagat without taking at least a bit of chip damage, and at this point chip damage is all Paul needs to deal.

1:11: Oh, man. Ultra manages to get in without taking damage and even knocks Paul down with ex hand on reaction to Paul’s ex knee, but then he jumps in with ultra, hoping that Paul would sit still on wakeup after seeing his ex uppercut whiff through Ultra’s crossup on Paul’s last wakeup. This is a really all or nothing gamble; if it works, Ultra wins the round, and if it doesn’t, Paul recovers first and just has to breath on Ultra to kill him. It doesn’t work, so Paul takes it.

1:52: Ultra knows the range for standing roundhouse to ultra pretty well, and this is like max max range. I’m not sure if Paul doesn’t expect the ultra (since Ultra did standing roundhouse and crouching forward near him in the previous round without trying the ultra) or if he just doesn’t think Ultra’s in range, but regardless, he gets spun for half his life.

2:02: If you notice, Ultra’s jumping short actually stuffs Paul’s wakeup dragon punch, but unfortunately it doesn’t have enough hitstun for Ultra to be able to combo after. Ultra knows that his crouching jabs aren’t hitting, but he also is pretty sure that Paul’s holding up-back to try to jump out, and he knows that if he lets Paul get out here, he’s gonna have a really hard time getting back in; letting Paul go here makes it pretty likely that Paul will win the round. So Ultra leaves a tiny hole in between the crouching jab and the standing short xx ex green hand. This allows Paul to get out of blockstun enough to start his pre-jump frames, but it doesn’t allow him enough time to actually get off the ground before getting hit with the standing short. Ultra tags Paul with standing short xx ex green hand before Paul can actually leave the ground for the win. This is fairly risky, but I like it, because the alternative is pretty much letting Paul escape and kill Ultra before Ultra can get back in.

2:34: Ouch, this could be big. Paul has zoned Ultra out really well up until this point, but Ultra finally got in, and when he did, he did… not much. He needed this ex green hand combo. Instead of dealing more damage and being able to pressure Paul with some very damaging options, Ultra lets Paul’s health off the hook and goes back to having to try to get in.

2:49: Look at where Ultra was trying to stand the last little while: max green hand range. A bit earlier, at 2:38, Ultra was standing at about the same spot inputting down-toward, down-toward, down-toward, just waiting for Paul to throw something laggy like a tiger shot, standing roundhouse, tiger knee, or jump that Ultra could react to by pressing 2p for ex green hand; Paul does low tiger shot here, but Ultra messes his ex hand up and just gets hit by the shot. It didn’t work out, but that’s still a great location for Zangief to stand. Here at 2:49, it works out. Ultra punishes Paul just before Paul lands, getting some good damage and a free mixup after that.

2:51: Paul tries uppercut again, but again Zangief’s fierce splash beats uppercut at that location. What happens right after that is extremely important: Ultra does kick lariat. He knows Paul desperately wants to escape, but he doesn’t have enough meter for safe option uppercut xx fadc, and if Paul tries uppercut and Ultra blocks it, Ultra’s gets a free ultra for the win. Instead, Paul tries to jump away, but the kick lariat beats that jump’s startup. Because it’s kick lariat, Ultra has enough time to cross Paul up again.

2:59: Ultra has learned over the course of the match that Paul doesn’t like sitting still on his wakeup, he likes his dragon punches a lot, whether that’s because Paul isn’t yet sure that his uppercuts lose to the splash or expects Ultra to go for empty jump into ultra like he did in round 1 isn’t clear. Zangief’s fierce splash done right at the top of Sagat’s head as Sagat is waking up beats regular tiger uppercuts and whiffs through ex uppercuts, both of which situations are great for Zangief. Paul keeps trying uppercut, and that costs him the match.

This is probably Zangief’s hardest matchup. Sagat has a bunch of great tools to keep him out, and it’s very rare that Gief can get in on Sagat without taking significant damage in the process. Ultra messed up a couple big chances in this match, including one to win the 1st round, but he played reasonably well overall. He made Paul feel like he had to keep walking backwards to get away from Ultra’s pressure, which eventually resulted in Paul getting cornered. This was exactly what Ultra wanted, since once Paul got to the corner, Ultra could worry less about tiger shots and antiairs and how to get to the location he wanted and start concentrating on actually being at that location and taking advantage of the times he got there.

thanks ultradavid. I played him a couple more times yesterday. I should take vids of me playing dagger_g, royce, eric, and lev. I know I have the problem of lariating too much and I need to stop that. I’m also still trying to work on my comboing because I can’t get used to the screen lag.

I upped the vids from yesterday. Don’t mind the horrendous parts where I got hit by the ultra, I learned my lesson lol.


around 3:23 in part2 he is going back and forth and then SPDs without first doing a normal (and i didn’t see a dash)… i guess i’m sorta lost how that’s possible without jumping or tick… can someone fill me in?

edit: is the HCF/HCB+up shortcut possible to execute without jumping? tested it in HDR – guess that’s what i was looking for :slight_smile:

it’s not very hard, you just gotta practice the 270 motion. It gets pretty easy to do once you get the hang of it.

yeah i had forgotten SFIV had the shortcut.

Can you guys give me any advice on my Gief? I would like to know what I need to improve on because I have a mm with him for $100. This is a mm but it was only $5 and he made the $100 one because I hurt his pride. The camera is focused on my screen the whole time and I am gief the whole time.


I only watched the first round, and what I can see is that that guy’s sagat sucks hard. He doesn’t do any of his combos and he throws out too many random tiger knees and jumps way too much. Against gief, he should be pretty much grounded the whole match just tiger shotting and keeping distance with the rh. You shouldn’t have much problems. Just learn to combo and mimxup the footsie game.

Also, stop lariating so much against sagat.

Thanks for this… I have been looking for vids. These are all very helpful.

Thx for the advice against his Sagat but he also plays gief. If you could give me advice on a ditto match that would be cool too.

Well if you want regular matchup information, go to the Gief Matchups thread or even the main Gief thread. This thread’s just for posting and critiquing videos.

I upped some more vids of myself.

Another Fuerte match

VS. Honda

VS. Bison

VS. Blanka (don’t ask me why I fucked up so hard lol)

Ultra, this is some seriously sick stuff.

It’s also very interesting reading your breakdown analysis of the fight and the technicality of your strategy!

Brilliant fight style brah and great thread.


They haven’t gotten their HD version of the video to upload fully yet, so I’m not 100% sure on all the details with the fuzzy low-res version, but I’m mostly sure.

i figured i’d bump this thread. you guys should watch me and ultradavid’s matches. they give some insight to some tough char matchups whether they are won or lost.