"For Mother Russia!" Zangief Video Thread

This should be a sticky TBH

And the first post should be constantly updated with the best vids.

How can i record my matchups on PS3 ?

Well you can use a capture card for your PC, but honestly the easiest method is just to use a digital camera that supports video and put it on a cheap tripod aiming at your TV. Even 640x480 video quality is good enough for the net, and that resolution is supported on even sub-$100 cameras.

yeah… wow… i didnt even think of that… wow… ME = NOOB

i recorded all my matches on a $110 cybershot and they came out decently. i might start recording my online matches too.

Yo! hi there, just picked up SFIV couple of days ago and decided to pick up Gief. read the beginners thread, which is always helpful. i usually like watching match vid’s because it can show you some of the options you have during real time play and what is open for you in certain situations. I Noticed alot of the videos that were posted were older…
is there any more recents vids out there?

any good giefs out there that anyone recommend on watching?

i heard recently japan had a huge SFIV tournament of hundreds of contenders. does anybody know anything about that like brackets or w/e

any info would be much helpful. thanks

January vids are too old?

Or are you looking for vids of the console version? Gief’s style of play hasn’t changed since January.

meaty getting up

I was hoping his style has evolved since console release. But I suppose not.

Is there any ideal gief to watch? So for I’ve been watching bunch of vids off of nico nico douga.

I was playing my friend last night and something silly happened…akuma was in the corner and I (gief) close c.hp into spd. I dunno if it combo’d but the hp hit and so did the spd. He said he was holding up the whole time…

That tic has been working for me too, as a matter of fact.

They probably have a couple frames to stop you though.

You cannot combo into SPD, only through a lvl 2/3 FA. otherwise they can just hold up


Heres a Vid of me and a friend of mine duking it out online. Im the Gief and he’s Sagat. For the most part this is generally how I play my Gief. but a round and a half are total donkey shit missed oppurtunites, apperently forgot how to block and i ate so many tigers in round 4 i was spitting fur. I am far from the best, but I like to think Im at the very least decent.some constructive criticism would be very much welcome. enjoy.

ok, well first of all. Against a good sagat, you never throw random punch lariats because he can follow up with another tiger shot and it will hit you. Only use the kick one for low tiger shots.

At 1:27 or so you throw out a random ex running bear grab. DONT DO THIS or you will be punished.

At 1:44 you die because of a random punch lariat, like I said, if you’re going to lariat, I suggest the kick one.

For air to air you almost always want to do down mk or just neutral jump over fireballs.

Also, you don’t cross up enough on wakeup, if you do it correctly he can’t really uppercut you. Either do the body splash or knee drop.

At around 5:00 you throw three ex banish, not really recommended because you just burned a shitload of meter. I know you were trying to catch up to him, but as you can see he just jumped, or he could have blocked and just threw you.

After spds, you want to banish to close the gap. Pretty much do this every time.

There’s my constructive criticism.

thanks man.

the three ex gloves were more accident than intention i kept trying to SPD but it did the exglove over and over…

it wasnt until after i watched the vid that I realized how many lariots I threw out, it was really ridiculous. I think my problem is my reaction time isnt great so I just lariot because it can be forgiving with time. When jumping i often do it too early or too late and both ways i get hit like an idiot.



hmm did not know down mk is really good air to air…good to know.

is that only character specific?

because i tried doing that against a cammy player and got dp’ed everytime

does this cross-up work like SF2turbo where if timed right it can be safe?
…side note…when people play runaway game against zangief i whiff spd for meter. i think its useful. it builds meter pretty fast and it can give you a bar for ex greenhand. most of the time people think im messing around until about i get 2 bars or sometimes never. of course you cant use this tactic against every character because of fast fireballs or long limbs,but might be helpful against others.

what does anybody think about this?

Great vids Eckostyle.

Bump with content.

[media=youtube]atOGBpePgbw[/media](Clutch as hell first round)

Gotta love the Japanese. Really warms my heart to see their Zangiefs kick ass (even when they lose).

Mulder, Zangikan, Itabashi Zangief are the ones to watch closely and learn from. Just youtube those names.

that comback at the end was sick beyond beleif if i could get anywhere near that skill level with geif id be content