For pad players: Your gamepad of choice


I never seem to see any topics regarding pads and the people who play on them. Since I’m a relatively new stick convert myself, I still find myself fleeing back to the comfort of a gamepad for SHMUPs and certain fighters like the Soul Calibur series and Gundam Wing: Endless Duel. It’s probably something I’ll ween myself off of in time, but until then, I’m just curious to know:

To those of you who still or did avidly use pads, what is your number one gamepad of choice for playing fighters?

I’ll start by saying that the N64 had the best controller for fighters in my opinion. It definitely wasn’t built with them in mind, but boy, Nintendo definitely put all the options in the controller in the event they were needed. This thing, from what I have observed, is highly under-appreciated as an effective gamepad. The N64 pad has a very well-built D-Pad for 2D fighters and a great, sensitive control stick for 3D fighting games. Not to mention it has 6 face buttons as well as 3 triggers, two of which are accessible at any given time. What more do you need, honestly? It’s got everything you need in a durable Nintendium shell!


PSone Dual-Shock. Absolutely the best for MKT!


PS2 pad for anything with four attack buttons (MK, SNK games, Rival Schools etc).

Saturn pad for anything with six attack buttons (SF, KI etc)


Then I made a stick. I just might use that PCB one day. . .


I have no experience with gamepads but there’s a friend of mine who uses Logitech Rumblepad 2 (on PC):

He uses the analog joystick to play (and not the dpad) and he’s very satisfied with it. I don’t know about other gamepads but the analog joystick on this pad has a square-shaped restrictor gate.


I have a PS2/Saturn Pad. Very Rare. I use that for all Street Fighter games. I just recently bought a stick and practicing on it but will always keep my Saturn pad by my side…


I know Mr. Big can rock it on a Super Pad 64 Plus (


I like the Playstation gamepad, but started using those cheap-o Logitech controllers for PC use. Shaved the square hole it had for analog into a circle and was set to go. It served its purpose well.


I use one of the Japanese Saturn pads for PS2. I used to use the s-type controller for the original Xbox and it worked pretty well for me. I hate ps2/ps1 pads, I’ve never been able to use them worth a damn.


I’m not a pad player at all but I like the Neo-Geo pads, not sure about the NG pads for PS2, I can only speak about the ones that came with the Neo-Geo CDZ. Saturn pads are pretty good also.


yeah the Neo CD pad that came bundled with KOF94’ Re-Bout is pretty sweet.

I use to play with an Ascii FT2 Pad (the dreamcast version was very good too)


^that NeoGeo pad is easily the greatest pad I have ever used, for me the Saturn pad doesn’t even come close.


its all about dat dual shock for me. but after wearing through 3 of them i have to switch to the stick.


Definitely a saturn pad guy here. Sazae, are you really that high on the max stick on the neogeo pad?


It’s not very well known, but a lot of people who used the InterAct Super Pad 8 swear it’s the greatest controller of all time. Personally, I’m not sure if its body is the most comfortable shape relative to how you’d want to hold it to have quick access to all the face buttons, but everything else about it is holy shit spot-on. They only ever made them for the Sega Saturn though, so if you want to use it on another console you’ll probably have to go D-Sub on its plastic ass and then build your own project box converter.

For whatever it’s worth, apparently Sirlin liked them a lot too.


Endless Duel is the one for the SNES correct?


When not playing with a joy stick, my preference is the SHVC-005, original Super Famicom joy pad.
Remove the chip(s) and wire it up so it can be used with a control box.


Best pad ever IMHO, I’d love to have one for the PS2 or PC. First used one on the NeoGeo Pocket and have loved them ever since. I can pull off anything using one of those pads.


Saturn pad for me too. Untill recently I’ve been using an N64 pad with adaptoid. Works a treat too :slight_smile:


The neo geo pads are pretty sweet. I’ve had 2 for the PS2 in my lifetime. I also had the NGPC with KOFR2 and SVC Match of the Millenium. My only gripe is that they are unforgiving compared to a cross or saucer d-pad as you have to move the full 45-90 degrees to activate the switch as opposed to just overlapping 2 directions with your thumb closer to the center of the d-pad. The long more involved motions actually fatique your thumb a lot quicker than the typical d-pad.

SNES & Saturn D-Pads for the win!