For parents who have kids under 3 years old

I have an 18 month old son and I made a youtube playlist of old Sesame Street skits/songs/videos that I used to listen to when I was a kid.
Brought back memories when I saw the first one.

You’re brain washing your child to a liberal agenda according to Fox News :tup:

What? Do you have a link to that crap?

Oh snap! I did the same for my son & daughter, but it was an audio CD of all the songs I used to love as kid with a few of the newer Elmo songs thrown in there for good measure. Good stuff, man. :tup:

My two daughters watches kung fu flicks with me while Baby Einstein classical in the background music…

when my child turned 3 i piccolo’ed her. in about 6 months she will be ready to fight the saiya…

checks date


car engine starting, vroooom

Sesame Street is the place to be. My son knew all his letters and could count to ten well before he was 3. The Count is way more interesting than me trying to teach him :lol:

I await this thread: “girl beats up teacher thinking he looks like a villian from a kung fu movie” BTW, does your asian wife have an asian sister? LOL.


i never learned anything from watching sesame street. actually i got bored watching that shit.

I don’t remember what I used to watch as a toddler so I can’t recommend much, but I watched a shitlosd of nick Jr all the way til I was about 11.

When I used to babysit my little cousin (around the ages of 2-5) he used to love Caillou. That and I had some old VHS tapes of Rupert, Little Bear, TinTin. Good times.

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I used to carry nunchuks in my school bag :wonder:

Maybe liberals have good morals? Like the stuff you would want your child to learn.

Share, be nice to others, junk like that…

:rofl: :rofl:

Fox news isn’t even news. I’m assuming that most everyone already knows this. It’s closer to entertainment than actual reporting.

I, uhh… I don’t have any children yet. Is it cool if I listen to your playlist too??? :wonder:

Fuck sesame street. Teaching kids to be judgmental of the homeless.

Watch the Electric Company instead. They rap and beatbox on there.

In the words of Dave Chappelle

Little Girl - "Grouch you’re a grouch!"

Why is ‘Miss America 2008’ in this ‘panel’?
(I’m guessing the answer will be "fox news :coffee: ")

My wife came up with THIS after I recorded me and my boy singing.

My son hates Sesame Street but likes Elmo like all those other tard kids out there. He makes up for it by playing Contra and older Final Fantasy games.