For people arriving before EVO starts, wanna play?

Hey guys, I live in SoCal but was planning to go down to Vegas a week early to spend some time with my family. I was wondering in that time if anyone was coming down and wanted to chill and get their game on in advance. You know, a little practice.

Games I play now:


I still kinda play MvC2 at a tolerable level and play 3s on and off. Post here if your down.

-Tha Hindu

We will be in Vegas the 6th of August; I’m pretty sure we’ll be down for playing.

I arrive in Vegas the 7th, so I’m down to play some Brawl matches or if anybody wants some CvS2, some of that as well.

I’ll be there on Thursday. I very casually play guilty gear but I’ve wanted to get good at the game for awhile. So I’d be down for some GGAC 101.

I should be there Thursday afternoon :3

TUSHAR! wuts up where u been.

i’ll only drink if its with you and cableguy. shits gonna be funny. Be sure to stop by our room too.

“damn check that girl out, i’ll raging semen all over her” dklgae;hi240g

-tushar, funniest man alive!

anyone wanna MM in mvc2/ggac/? I live here so I’m here early :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i’m down.

Cool just hit me up when u get here, erik and j360 and some tx cats are coming over to play some mvc before evo

If I run into you nigs I might ask to tag along for a Marvel cram session or something. With the way the schedule is, I’m thinking about not playing Marvel and watching the UFC fight somewhere. But, I would love to make it out of pools in Marvel my last year.

teach me cvs =0

Don’t you have a MM to finish that got cut short at Cal Poly? :arazz:

youre a jerk you know that?


GG $15 ft3? :lovin::lovin::lovin:

nope :slight_smile: only if we can run it back in mvc2/cvs2/3s :smiley:

When I went to FFA for SBO i realized how behind i am in gg. So unless I feel I have a huge edge I won’t play :).

Ill be there on Wednesday night. So will Skisonic apparently. Get at me if you wanna play some cvs2 3s st tekken. If someone does wanna play arcana heart with me that would be more awesome than all of those combined, though but I’m down for whatever

^ Hit me up when you get here. Some locals and I should be down for ST and I’m sure some other locals in the area will play you in 3s/cvs2. Didn’t know you played ST. I’ll try to dig up Apoc to join us too if this goes down. :tup:

I’ll be arriving early thursday and will probably be playing lots of ST in my room, I’ll post the room number when I can.

ST, CvS2, Arcana, Hokuto, random shitty games, I’m all for it. I get there pretty early on Thursday.