For people with paypal

Allright guys ive given it a try but i wasnt to satisfied with my own results. This is a pic of a real good friend of mine im offering anyone $5-10 dollars via paypal to anyone who can touch up this pic. Relley all I want is to take off the acne and three different versions of her one withouth the acne orginal hair color one with blonde hair and one with black hair. Well here’s the picture

I hope she doesn’t get offended by you having her photo altered.

Making hair blonde takes a lot more effort. This is as good as it’ll get for 5-10$ worth.

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awsome work dood ! how do you change hair color like that ?? talking about the second pic :wtf:

This thread made me giggle.
Nice work PsychoSquall. :tup:

I made a ‘duplicate layer’ of the pic, Image > Adjust. > Hue/Sat. > click on ‘colorize’ option. That makes it so that you make the entire image to use just one color. I made it a blonde/light brown color.

Then I switched the layer type from ‘normal’ to screen’ in the layers window.
Image > Adjust. > Brightness/Contrast > increased the contrast and brightness. Went back to Hue/Sat. option again to decrease the saturation to make the hair look blonde.

Then I erased all of the area that is not her hair.

Dayum PsychoSquall ur PS skillz go unmatched in my eyes your alot better than I am thats for dayum sure thats because im going to school for graphic design. LOL. well thanks a lot and no she doesnt mind shes the one that asked for it lol. Well PsychoSquall PM your email that way i can send you the $$ via paypal