For PSN MVC2 Players

Now that MVC2 is officially coming out, I am very excited and look forward to play the game again. I think it would save many of us time and effort by just knowing who our opponents are instead of logging into PSN and encounter random players who might not be so good of a player . I think random matches with beginners isn’t worth the time for many of us unless for some reason somebody wants to start playing rookies level again.

With that said, I think we should rank ourselves from 1 to 5 according to our skills level and post up our PSN names so that those of us who wants to challenge , we would know where to look. what skills level that matches us and what to expect. Take me for an example. I’ve been playing the game for 7 years but because I’ve stopped playing it often for the last two years, I’ll rate myself a 3 for average. 4 and 5 would be those top players like Justin Wong, Chris Shmidtz. etc. The good thing about creating a list of players that indicate their skills level is that at any time we can go on here and find players who we think will give us a good match. I would really like to know who are on the 3, 4, 5 lists because I would want to have a good match right away instead of going through 50 random matches and end up meeting only 1 good player.

So I’ll go first. My PSN is suken19 and I’m on a scale of 3.5.


CUTWES = 4.3
Mokujon = 4.0

suken19 = 3.5
nero7154 = 3.0

Syke187 = 2

Psycho_Six = 1.0
Alucard-SRK- = 1.0
wakigatame2010 = 0.7

My PSN is wakigatame2010 and I’m on a scale of like 0.7

Syke187 rank 2 :rofl: but I gotta play on Dualshock 3 for now


like 2.8

but ill be playing low tier all day yeh yeh

VERY good idea.Never really played Mvc2 competitively(like at a arcade),but I know how to do the BnB for the most part.I’m still in training to relearn Mags rom as well.

scale: 1


Skill Level = 4.3 / Varies

never played marvel seriously even though I had it day one on DC but I’ll be trying my hand at team clockwork when it drops. this thread should really be in the PSN section though. and you know my skillz at 1.

Mokujon here. i would say at least a 4.0

nero7154 I’ll go ahead and say 3

but a 360 ^_-

Chris, too bad you have 360, otherwise you’ll be on 5 list!!! I missed those old days playing MVC2 and getting people mad with my Sentinel, Commando, and Iceman team. LOL.

Psycho_Six on PSN.
I got it for PS2 when it first came out but never really became good at it, so I’m like…1.0

You guys realize that it was stated the demo was LOCAL multiplayer. Meaning, no online.

I heard from someone said that it has online for the demo. Either way, I still think that it is good to know the players before hand. That way when the official game get released, I will already have many good players to challenge.

PSN: boispice

lv: 2.7

Go ahead and post in the PSN IDs thread for now. When the time comes, we’ll have a proper matchmaking thread for this game, like we do for all the others.