FOR SALE - 1st Generation PS3 TE Stick

As the title says. 1st generation PS3 TE stick for sale.

$110 - Local pick up from Irvine
$120 + shipping - Otherwise

If people feel price it too steep I will drop the price. Don’t really know the value on this anymore as I haven’t really kept up with the scene. I bought the TE maybe a month-month.5 after launch and I really only played on it for maybe a month-2months before I peaked/plateaued/got bored of the game. It’s still in great shape, etc. If you need pictures/descriptions/whatever else let me know. Feel free to PM me as well.

since you asked, you can get a NEW R1 TE for $100. so yeah, you should readjust your price.

Really? Where? Amazon still lists them for ~$130. Well I guess for now I’ll drop it to:

$90 - Local pick-up Irvine
$100 + shipping - Otherwise

But I’m willing to haggle and drop it so if you wanna offer a fair price I’ll hear out offers. Oh also for local pick-up depending on your location I am willing to drive out to like AI to meet you.


$75 - Local Pick-Up
$85 + shippping - Otherwise