For sale 2 custom finkle ps2 sticks with inpin adapters

Hi, As title says I’m looking to sell 2 finkle arcade sticks with inpin adapters for perfect ps3 compatibility.
Each stick is priced at $220 with an inpin adapter shipped. I’m in canada but can ship to the US as well. Take a look at the pics…they are in great condition

EDIT - The ken stick now has a white bubble ball top instead of that red one. Looks better

Could you just specify wether it’s $220 per stick or for both? The way the sentence is structured I’m not entirely certain.

I edited. Its $220 per stick. Cheers.

can you post more pics? sides,inside,bottom,etc.

Damn those are f’n mint. Classic sticks. Good luck.

bump for awesome finkle sticks.