For Sale : Arcade cabs from Super Arcade


As some of you may know Super Arcade is going to be under renovation soon and im looking to sell most of the current cabs we have there to make room for new cabs. I am selling off all of my japanese h2h cabs including:

4 - atomiswave ($800 each - no game)
4 - cyber league ($600 each - no game)
2 - astro city ($600 each - no game)

these are all in working condition with working monitors and currently in the arcade and being used. im looking to sell these off some time between now and EVO and best case scenario is you are local to us and pick them up right after EVO. if you guys are interested post up here or drop me a PM and ill get back to you soon. i also have some other cabs im looking to sell besides the japanese ones so if you are local come stop by and check em out. thanks.


I’m interested, I’ll hit ya up.


no one here really interested huh? holla anytime markman. lets make a deal!


If only I were local :frowning:
Good luck selling these, Mike!


Are You only looking for local buyers?


I might be interested in an Astro City cabinet, but I’m not 100% sure I’ll have the budget. I’ll need about a month to discern what situation I’m in, but I could definitely pick one up after Evo, finances willing.


Post up pictures dude. I guarantee that will help. If I didn’t own 5 cabs I would buy one. You are only 40 min away.
…but future wife will go spider monkey crazy on me if I came back with another cab. GLWS


Sell me House of the Dead! :smiley:


damn i wish watson shipped to brooklyn nyc


only local for now due to the reason of pricey shipping costs and hassle. would rather someone see product working in person than receive it not working and have to go through hassles.


I would if shipping wouldn’t be so expensive