For SALE: Brand New Hori Real Arcade Pro. EX for Xbox 360


Item: *** Hori Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro. EX***

Cost: $220

Shipping: Buyer pays for shipping!!! (only shipping in the US)

Location of item: Haymarket, VA

Condition: **Brand New (item has been played on ONCE, explaination below) fresh box an packaging **


I am selling my bros Hori EX Pro Arcade stick for X Box 360. The stick is brand new and only been played on ONCE. The stick was purchased 1 week prior to the FINAL ROUND Tournament and was played on that Thursday night before departing to the tournament. Over that weekend we came into finding actual Xbox 360 Tournaments sticks by madcatz (talk about luck) so now there is no purpose for the EX Hori Pro. If you don’t know what you are buying this is the stick:


ADDED (see below and my profile):

No negotiations on the price!! Please understand I am a business man so I don’t play games. When you are ready to purchase please pm for more information in which phone numbers (my bro and myself) and other info will be traded. I stay in contact until the item is in your hands. Thanks for taking the time to read and hope to do business with you.



Markdub (my bro who is selling):


Someone needs to snag this quick.


That’s a great AV Koop. :rofl: Good luck with your sale.


Would be willing to buy depending on final price after shipping costs have been factored.


Does it come with the Grey Goose?