For Sale: Brand New Xbox 360 Tournament Edition Fight Sticks (three of them)


Hi guys,
I have posted a few fight sticks on eBay for sale. My prices reflect the general eBay reseller economy and are there for the online buyer BUT for shoryuken members I’m willing to make an exception. However I did pay retail prices for these Fight Sticks. They come with full warranty and I would appreciate a small margin for the trouble of packaging and handling. So no low ball offers please. All are new and unused. I only took them out for pictures!

Xbox 360 MadCatz Chun Li Tournament Edition FightStick (your price $200 or best offer)

Xbox 360 MadCatz Ryu Ken Xbox 360 Tournament Edition FightStick (Your Price $160 or best offer) [I have two of these for sale]


I can only ship via Priority Shipping (I get no other choice at USPS for an item of this weight and size). Charge for shipping based on USPS shipping estimate. Zip code + insurance + delivery confirmation (since shipping it to Ohio is considerably less than shipping it to California). For calculation use (Large package) 18x15x12 for dimensions, and 11lb as weight and my zip code for senders zip code: 60615. Please add in $4 for gas + materials. Fair enough?

If we can agree to a selling price (feel free to make offers rather than just bash what I posted), then just factor in the above. Thanks. .

I accept paypal. And if making a payment via paypal please send me a private message via the forums first so I will give you a secret phrase which you will need to provide when making a payment so i know it is you who has purchased the fight stick. Thanks.


You must be a member for 6 months and have at least 50 posts on SRK to use the Trading forum. Reported. And these prices are ridiculous.


The prices on the eBay page for eBay buyers only.** Forum member prices are stated in my first original post of this thread.**

I could’ve sworn I was a member for a lot longer as I did review the Arcade in a box arcade stick and posted in the forums which was 3 years ago…let me see, it may have been another email address…and not this one. Well if those prices are ridiculous, what do you consider fair prices?

Also, I may be a “new” member here with this email address, but my feedback on eBay should give everyone assurance that I am a legit seller and not a scammer. That’s why I posted those links.


There’s a price check thread with the info you are looking for


Rules are Rules. Expect your thread to be locked or deleted.


You’re really a pleasant person to deal with Nakadish. Nice to meet you too.


Sorry to rain on your parade, but it is what it is. Selling here is a privelidge. If you have another account that meets the requirements , use it.

Otherwise , go back to eBay where you belong.


Lets overlook the requirements to sell:
1.) Your only posts are for this topic, smells of scam.
2.) You have multiple “new” products that you are willing to sell at a “deal” to SRK community (because you are a nice guy im sure).
3.) The items on your ebay page are NOT new and sealed because you opened them to take pictures.
4.) Even if the prices for “New and Sealed” products were reasonable, you are gouging on shipping ( Dell charges ~$10 for Round 1 stick), which I think is against SRK policy too, if I’m not mistaken.

I myself am a relative noob (4.5 months) and I know how to read and abide by the rules.


Reported. Definitely a scam


Well it is not a scam. Dell charges $10 because they ship out 1000’s of items a day and they get massive corporate discounts . Also these shipping companies want their business so they are always offering them the best deals on shipping. Do me a favor go to usps website and check for shipping rates on an item that weighs around 11 lbs, is shipped in a box with dimensions of 18x12x16. Take my area zipcode of 60615 to ship it to your town. Also take into consideration the costs for Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap. Walmart sells 7 feet of bubble wrap for $3 and peanuts are ridiculously expensive. I only charge pretty much costs I am incurring if ever there is a discrepancy between what i charge and actual shipping cost I refund the difference minus the packaging costs. Also please note I charge $2.50 for peanuts + box + bubble wrap which is very fair.

Secondly feel free to add me on Xbox Live same GT as my alias here. I have also been involved with a gaming podcast website for 6 years. go to the staff section and you will see my name there. I will also post pics from Fight Club event in Chicago where I met and interviewed Seth Killian. Any other doubts I will be glad to remove them.By the way, has NO involvement in this, I was on referencing them for my credentials and verification. This is solely my own, and independent, free from any associaton, posts.


I could’ve sworn that I had an account here for over 3 years under this email address . I remember when the site used to have a dark blue theme/layout. However the admin please feel free to verify my information before reacting to the posts of community members in here. I’ve been part of many communities but never had any issues anywhere.



The price check thread should give you an example. Here are some recent auctions from ebay so you get an idea.
Here is a R2 TE with no bids…and the guy wanted $70 also notice the shipping is $15 which i think is reasonable:

This one still has time on it, but the auction started low:

Eventhough this one is for Blaz Blue, it is still the same stick:

Here is one with 149 BIN:

and another one with low shipping:

I know that none of these are the “chun-li” edition, but they are all the same stick, just different color and artwork.