[For Sale] ChopperMan Blowout thread.(Come take a look)

Been trying to sell alot of things on here lately, but have had no luck really between people flaking, or myself overpricing items in an attempt to make profit.

So making one all inclusive thread as last effort to get rid of this stuff.

I really need the money so I’m open to offers. Just don’t waste my time and try and low ball me please.

Here are the items for sale

PS3 SF4 TE stick(only used once. could pass for new) - 179.99 shipped(trying to atleast break even on this. So pretty strict on pricing for this item)(updated 07/15)

**Hori Fighting stick 3 ** - 40 shipped

HD Remix press kit - 60 shipped

**Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2(PS3) **- 45 shipped

Grand Theft Auto 4(PS3) - 25 shipped
Narutimate Accel 2(Import PS2)** - 45 shipped

Street Fighter 4(PS3) - 35 shipped

King of Fighters 11(PS2) - 10 shipped

Last Blade Collection(Import PS2) - 20 shipped

All shipping includes tracking. Will PM you back confirmation number no later than I get back from shipping your product.

Will leave positive feedback as well when I can.

Can deal through PM or you can just post offers in topic and i’ll PM you to make deal

Can only ship within US and receive payments through paypal


Pics and condition of KOF11 plz.

It’s in the plastic(factory sealed) if it’s a question of quality

TE stick sold btw.

All sold items will be listed in red from now on

the hori stick is the ps3 one right? if so what condition is it in? and does it come with the box.

Ill take the fs3 if the pcb is in working order., pm your paypal address.

I’ll take KOF 11!

I will take the HD Remix press kit…pm’d

payment sent for HDR press kit:)



Updated listing

Finally picked up the FS3 from you, lol

Hey guys I have another tournament edition stick available

if anyone is still looking for one PM me

updated initial post to reflect this

te for xbox 360?

So your TE price is firm? There are atleast 10 (buy it now) listings through Ebay for cheaper than that.

then go there, goddamn.

I payed 178.99 or something from mine when I got it from Gamestop.com, 179$ is completely fair so stop being a twat.

If they are free shipping as well then you should probably take that deal

Really I’m just trying to break even pal. It’s about 30 bucks for me to ship it anywhere in the US so I’m not really making a profit on it by listing it as this price. It’s really just 150 stick plus shipping the thing

and yeah as of now my price is pretty firm. I’m not desperate yet so I’m pretty set on breaking even on this thing.