***FOR SALE*** Custom arcade joysticks with artwork&plexi


I now sell pads too.
Digital ps/ps2 pads for $3+shipping.
anyway here is the pcb I am selling for $3+shipping.
They are fairly easy to work with,got scraped golden contact(makes soldering easier).
anyone having hard time finding any,drop me a line.

(yeah my camera is horrible) :mad: :lol:

THey are brand new never opened.

Holy jesus, that’s like the best pad ever. :eek:

hey mr.snaaaaaake do u wanna empty your pm folder…i want to place an order.

Yo snake…good job on the sticks man.


Sent you PM :cool:

Arcade Stick to netherlands

Hi snaake i was just wondering if you sended the arcadestick?

Arcade Stick to netherlands

I should be able to send it by monday :slight_smile:

hey i wanted to buy an arcade stick for xbox asked what type of payment then no reply so wondering how do i pay you :open_mouth:

anyway check PM.

Dude…look for me on aim…I need to talk to you about where to mail my stick…I’m moving today.


snaaake: how much do your sticks run for? and what choices can we have as far as the type of sticks we can have on them and how much will different types cost…i’m really impressed with the sticks i see on your site and would like to purchase one depending if i can afford it or not…also how long will it take for me to get it? thanks in advance

snaaaaake:a couple more things…is there any way i can get a stick compatible for both the ps2 and dc directly from you?? it’s very hard for me to order the converters online due to some problems i’m running into right now so it would be really convenient if i could just get the converter with my stick…

and also, how do you go about payment?? thanks again

hey snake, im interested in buying a DC stick, black competition, red convex buttons over one of the designs on your website, cant really explain what it looks like but its named “niceness” on the site…just pm me when you get the chance, Thanks…

[Edit: Oh yea i forgot to add that i wanted Plexi]

yoshi1313 & NamyNam:
Check PM.


-From now,any and all “shape” of the stick will be like the pic I attached.
In case anyone didn’t notice,I do include black leather textured molding for the “edge”(no paint). Don’t know what else I could do to make the sticks any better…
The “QUILITY” pretty much maxed out :smiley:

( BTW,this is my stick for online play.Expect some serious competition on Xbox live soon…:evil: )

That shit is ill Snake, keep up the good work brother. :cool:

I was just wondering, where can i get the arcade sticks and buttons that you used? please pm me or reply, thanks.


Don’t people check the custom stick thread…:o

oops… ^^ thanks.