For Sale: Custom Built Arcade Sticks Xbox360, PS3, PSx, USB2.0

Night Raven Arcade

Sample Sticks:

A-series arcade sticks, visit our website for more info.

haha these finally got to srk

Its been on srk for a while, just not in the trade section.

pm sent.

my buddy just got one of this summer from china
this thing is really big but for that price u can’t really beat i guess

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These sticks are not big at all, your friend must have gotten the clip sticks which is more like xarcade or aiab sized, check the pictures for actual size of these sticks…

The buttons are 30mm sanwa.

bump and price drop.

I had a question about your p-series 6 button layouts, where are the start/home/select buttons? or are there none? I really dig these sticks and for the price they sound good, even if its generic parts cause buttons are easy to change.

Also friendly note, your rachel and cammy links are mixed up :slight_smile:

Start/Select/Home can be placed on the face panel or on the side box, in this case they are on the side.

here is a pic of the buttons for the Rachel stick

Fixed, Thanks.

what boards are used in these sticks for ps3 compatibility?

Lagless generic brands.

combined shipping discount available.

How much for just a C-series, 8 button layout case?

Unfortunately we don’t sell the case alone by itself, but you can order the P series sticks and change out the parts to your likings.

bump, added Hori FS3 for sale

Combined Shipping discount: $20 off on an order of 2 sticks or more.

Offer ends: 10/11/2009.

A-series arcade sticks released.

SRK members uses coupon code “NRAATSRK” for 10% discount on your order, ending 12/31/2009