For sale: Custom ps3 stick


For sale:

ps2 sfa nubytech shell
toodles board
happ comp buttons
il euro stick
sf4 artwork

As you can see in pics there are 2 additional holes not plugged since the happ plugs were sold out at the time.

150 o.b.o includes shipping (us)


ps3 fightstick brand new
box is in bad shape since i sold it c.o.d and person didn’t buy so usps tapped it up.

I can do 110 shipped (pics up tonite)


is it the PS3/PC board or the MC Cthulu?


Yes it’s pc/ps3 board solderless




where can you get one of those pcb’s?

#6 sell em


oh nice, thank you ^^


Best offer people

Shoot a price that includes shipping from NC


I have a question about the images: Are the first six buttons in place or the last 6? Can I add the remaining two if needed?


The first 6 have buttons, the last 2 are empty. They didn’t have the happ hole plugs when i ordered so you can either add buttons or plugs.

I can take more pics if needed


Oh okay, the picture was confusing…


Would you be able to do $150 including shipping to Canada via USPS PMI?


Pm me your zip so i can get shipping costs.

I was including shipping to 50 states but if it’s not much more for canada i can do it.