For Sale: Evangelion/Metal Gear kubricks and a few others

I have some evangelion and metal gear kubricks for sale if anyone is interested. Just PM me and let me know.II also have some Kidrobot fatcaps and some spawn figures.ll try and get other stuff in here as well fight stick related like my extra set of sanwa buttons, and TE stick colored bezels but I already took these images lol.

please make a purchase of 10 or more $…
shipping will be 3 dollars no matter what you buy for DC and shipping. You will also need to pay the paypal tax unless you are willing to pay as gift

thanks a bunch for looking

FatCap Series 2:(no boxes just the cards)

• Lady Pink • Pink Smith (2/25):$5
• Untitled • Quisp (1/25):$5

kubrick (includes boxes)
metal gear sold series 2**

lot of (1 of each):

Liquid Snake, PMC Solider. Liquid Ocelot, Octo Camo Snake, Solidus Snake: $40

this what they look like out of bag:


solidus snake: 8$

Eva 2.0 series 1 kubricks
(all still in bags except for the eva 05 kubrick)

individual cost:
mari test suit: $8
eva-02: $8
asuka: $8
eva-03: $8
eva-01(yellow): $8
Kaworu: $8
Eva05 (extra kubrick): $8

Whole set( 1 of each):

mari test suit, asuka, eva-03,eva-02,eva-01 (yellow), Kaworu, Eva-05: $45

Evangleion 2.0 Series 2

Individual cost:
eva 03(black):$10
berserk eva 02(red):$10
berserk eva 02(red):$10
awakened eva 01(purple):$10
awakened eva 01(purple):$10
Bonus Extra kubrick pieces all individually bagged: 10$

A whole set ( 1 of each):

asuka,mari,berserk ev-02,awakened eva-01,Eva-03,Angel, and all pieces to make the bonus kubrick all still bagged: $60


spawn figures:

interlink series 18: $8

nitro rider variant gold:$12

Series 17 Tiffany II (variant with sheild)…box is yellowing:$8

This is my collection. :stuck_out_tongue:

nice…looks like you could you some more metal gear lol ; )