For Sale - HORI Fighting Stick EX2. [SOLD]


This has been sold to networkingyuppy.
Thank you for all your interests.

Hello Members of SRK browsing Trading Outlet.

First item I am selling on SRK Trading Outlet.
Hope this sells.

I have for today to sell this.
HORI Fighting Stick EX2: Virtua Fighter 5 Limited Edition.

Do note that this is not the Japanese VF5 EX2.
This is the American VF5 EX2, and so it just look normal.

I bought this from SRK Member Bare Knuckle 2 on 090303.

Here are the pictures:

You see in those pictures that the Virtua Fighter 5 stickers have been place on.
I got the Arcade Stick like that from him.
You can remove if want.

The unit is working fine.
No problems.

I haven’t used it.
Been using the HORI Dead or Alive 4 Fighting Stick.

This does not come with original box.
Bare Knuckle 2 did not have the box.

Everything is still stock.
I am selling this for [SOLD]$50[SOLD] to you.
This includes Shipping in Continental US.

I am accepting PayPal as payment.

Ask me questions if you have any.
Ask me for more pictures if you want.

Thank you.


I’ll keep an eye on this for any price drops. I missed the other guys Ex2 for cheap >_<;
Free bump btw.


Person is manman right?
He is a cool guy.
I like him.

He selling his Dead or Alive 4 for $25 plus Shipping.
Good stuff.

Thank you for your interest Orphen.


Yeah, I picked that one up. Great deal, as you said.

Best of luck selling it. Can’t see a reason why somebody won’t pick it up at this price.


Hi, I was just wondering, would you be willing to sell your dead or alive 4 stick? If not, do you know how to easily get those stickers off?


They’re only comestic so I’m assuming it’ll be wicked easy to remove them. Shoot, you can see the top right one coming off already.:sweat:


I’m so damn close to pulling the go**amn trigger on this one, I just don’t like how low the case is, it makes it too damn hard to mount a JLF without having a dremel.


For right now, Dead or Alive 4 is not being sold.
Kokoro is Cutie Pie.

The stickers seem easy to remove.
They are just regular stickers after all.
And then remove residue if there are any.

Wouldn’t it have been cool if Bare Knuckle 2 had for me the original box?
And also had for me the rest of Virtua Fighter 5 stickers?

From site.

From site.

Thank you for your interest shrigreth.


HORI Fighting Stick EX2 no more available.
Item has been shipped due to sale.