For sale: HRAP2 SA (PS2)

I don’t have pics at the moment and can’t seem to find my camera, but if there is interest I will get them up somehow.

Anyway, this is a HRAP2 SA I purchased last year from another forum member. It is in really great shape. It came with a JLF in it, but I replaced it with a LS-32-01 (which is barely used). I also have a InPin converter I will throw in. I will also include the LS-32-01 and the original JLF. All this for $150.00.

I don’t really want to sell this to be honest, it is a really great stick. But I need some cash.

Oh, and if you are interested but not sure about the price, make me an offer. I was wanting to sell the LS-32-01 and the InPin together, but if you don’t want one or both of them let me know and I could probably work something out.

Pics might help you just a little.

pm sent, and pictures would be nice.