For Sale in So Cal, lots of arcade sticks for PS3 and 360, USB Saturn Pads, More

Would REALLY like to sell locally. I’m in anaheim. Prices are for local pick up, not shipped. Reason for selling? I honestly have too many sticks, and not enough time to play. All sticks work perfect, most have extremely low usage. I use my dual modded TE when i do play, and have kept these other sticks for when people come over, and with how busy i am these days, no one comes over and they now collect dust. The sticks in no specific order:

Xbox 360 HRAP UMVC3 Stick. Mint condition, comes with original box and packaging. 100% stock. $135.

PS3 Tekken Hybrid NAMCO TE-S Stick. Comes with original box and packaging. MINT. Has less then 4 uses on it. Extremely rare stick and is just a sight to behold. 100% stock. $165.

USB Sega Saturn Pads. One is used about 3 times, the other is still brand new and sealed. These sell for 80+ all day long. Asking $65 for used one, $75 for new one.

PS3 Dualshock 3 Controllers. 2 Black ones. Asking $45 each, 80 for both. Mint is a understatement, both have never been used.

You can come and test each stick out no problem. Prices are for local pickup only. I have several references available if need be from people ive bought/sold to online and locally from SRK.

Pictures as follows:

Lots of new items added.

Silver PS3 controller sold.

PMs answered.

Wireless 360 stick and PS3 HDD sold.

All PM’s answered. I might have a Tekken 5 PS2 Hori stick up soon as well.

PMs answered.


PMs answered.

PMs answered yet again. Might have some old retro stuff for sale soon.

Been busy but all pm’s replied to.

PMs replied to.

Been busy, pm’s answered.

Did you ever sell the UMVC fight stick? I’m interested in a local pick up for a little cheaper price. PM!

pm sent.

All pm’s answered. Taking pics this weekend of all the classic gaming stuff im going to post up, lots of gamecube games + setup, dreamcast games + setup, n64, ps1 and more.