For sale in Toronto: Custom FS3 Joystick (all Sanwa parts) & FS4 (PS3)

I’ve got the chance to play this game, but it’s time to give it up. My friend is coming back from vacation soon and I have other endeavors to look forward to (poker as a job).

I’m selling Street Fighter 4 which I bought for my friend’s Playstation 3, but he’s going to take it back soon. Also, I have a customized Fighting Stick 3 for the PS3 and PC with all Sanwa parts. Both are in good condition. The stick functions real nice.

If you are in the Toronto area and interested, PM me.
Btw, if anyone here is an avid poker player from the Toronto area, I usually run games with friends and I’m thinking about it as a career in the future.

its funny how “09ers” get shitted on when they post in the wrong place but other ppl dont…

He posted that shit at 5 am (2am for the west coast) none of us are on SRK that late on a Saturday night just waiting to flame people.
I clicked this link to do just that but you already linked him to my section. Thanks.

Edit: actually since he’s only selling to Toronto, his best guess is probably the Toronto thread.