For Sale :: KeyWiz Max 1.5 ::


I have a mint condition Key Wiz 1.5 PCB for arcade joystick. 32 input for P/S connection. Tested and works 100%

I no longer have use for this so if your looking for it I will let it go for $30 with free shipping. Shoot me a Pm and I will set up paypal. If your in NYC you can come get it from me for $25 bucks.

BTW I have just the unit, no P/S cord connection.


try the trading outlet.


Thanks. I am new. How do I delete this thread?


Wouldn’t really help, he can’t sell on here for another 6 months anyway.


dun dun dun.
Haven’t gotten familiar to the forum yet?


and you aren’t allowed to sell either, need to be 6 month past your join date